WIN: Stunning Jewellery That Will Make You Shine, Worth $299

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You probably already know that I’m a ridic crazy fan of Alex and Ani, having added more to my wee collection when I asked my family for one for Christmas…



Now the eco-conscious bling brand has just released its new ‘Numerology’ collection and we have a No. 7 bangle stack of three for YOU to win!


Why The Number 7

Seven is a number unlike all the others. It is the most intensely spiritual, the most mystical, and the most scholarly and analytical. People who embody this number are known to be truth-seekers and information-gatherers. They often travel within to uncover inner wisdom. Natural researchers and teachers, they need silence and alone time, good books, and the peace found outdoors in nature to rejuvenate their souls. Designed with a signature expandable feature these bangles allow everyone to have a piece of jewellery customised for a perfect fit.

Sound like a bit of you?


And Why Numerology?

As the science of numbers known as Numerology can be interpreted as the sound of a number and its connecting words. Numbers are long believed to bring fortune, love, or protection, and are thought to reveal the divine organisation of life. The new Alex and Ani collection is designed to identify your soul number, so the wearer can adorn themselves in power through statement bangles and necklaces. Each number is surrounded by a mantra of meaningful words connected to the particular number, guiding the wearer drawn to it.


Tell us in the comments below why YOUR amazingness deserves to win this gorgeous 3-stack Alex and Ani set (be as funny, silly or heartfelt as you like), and why the No. 7 bangle is perfect for YOU.

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Competition closes Monday 1 May.

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