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We were so excited when the lineup for Soundsplash 2018 came out and Bailey Wiley was on it 🙌

Local girl Bailey Wiley grew up in small town Hawera and is now based in Auckland, but can be found flying off to exciting places like Germany and Chicago. Here’s our little catch-up with her, and stick till the end because we have Soundsplash tickets to give away!

So how’ve you been since we last spoke to you in January?

Been really good, just finalising all of the album and stuff and just being creative, spent sometime in the Redbull studios which was amazing, a bit on tour and now I’m just getting ready for summer, off to Chicago in November!

How do you feel about being in the lineup for Soundsplash with big international names like Shapeshifter?



I’m so excited, I mean I’ve been to Soundsplash you know, as a punter but I’ve never been as a performer before, so I’m really really excited about going to Raglan and getting amongst it and being a part of the festival.

Who are you most excited to see at the festival?

I’m really excited about seeing Teeks, I haven’t seen him live before.


I love Katchafire and also of course, Shapeshifter because I’ve never seen him live which is absolutely crazy. And I love Fortunes, I think they’re so amazing, so there’s a couple of my favourites.


Can we be sneaky and ask when the album’s being released?

We’re releasing the first single in about a month’s time, so there’ll be fresh music before summer which will be great. (YAY!) I can’t wait to release it, it’s gonna be rad.

What was anything specific that inspired the new album?

There isn’t a specific thing I think, for me a lot has changed in the last year or so, good things. And I think this album is probably just about that process. That’s a really broad way to explain it, but I think that the album will be there explaining it. Regardless, I think this next project is about just transition in my process, dealing with real-life things that happen and just coping with it.


Speaking of transitions, your voice is very distinct, has it ever changed in your creative process?

I don’t think my vocals have ever changed but I think that at the end of the day, with my music, you can really put it into a specific genre or something like that. But the one thing that will always stay the same regardless isn’t the hip-hop beat or the R&B beat or the house beat, the beauty about my music is that the vocals always stay the same.

You’ve wanted to perform and sing ever since you were six, but have you thought of doing anything else?

I’ve definitely had moments of wanting to do other things and what not, but I kinda feel like if I did want to do something else, I could do something else, but making music, that won’t stop. Music’s just a part of me, if I do do something else, I’ll just do that too!

These are my friends & we make songs together. Good ones too. You'll see 🔮~ 📸 @elknows

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Does that play into why you don’t want to be signed to a major music label?

Yeah definitely, I think it’s important to have as much creative control as you can, also control of your music because it’s yours, you should own it.

What advice would you give to someone who has been trying actively to break into the music industry but hasn’t found their niche?

I just think as a creative, doesn’t matter what you do, you should always honour your truth. I would just say be fearless. That’s easier said than done, but you just have to be fearless. For someone who was trying to come into the industry, I would just say be you and be fearless. People love it.

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