READ, WATCH, LISTEN: This Quirky Comedian Is One To Watch!

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Guy Montgomery wants one thing in life. He wants to be so famous that one day, someone digs up all of his cringy tweets from the depths of 2010. Yep, that’s what he measures success by and I’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty accurate form of measurement for a hopeful celeb.

Will he ever reach that level of fame? Who knows. But after watching his performance at the Basement Theatre, I would say that it’s definitely on the cards.

Haven’t heard of this Kiwi comedic? Here’s a quick run-down. Rising fast in the ranks of comedy, Montgomery has performed in some huge festivals such as the 2015 Edinborough Fringe Fest and Just For Laughs Sydney ’16 and has also been awarded the 2014 Billy T Award for Comedy. 

Now he’s back on home soil, as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and has been working hard to perfect his hour long stand-up routine, ‘Let’s All Get In A Room Together.’

His style of comedy is really different from other routines I’d seen before. He has an uncanny ability to take a small, seemingly normal moment from his everyday life and distort it into something unimaginably different – But completely hilarious.

For some people, his way of talking may be tricky to keep up with, as he excitedly rambles through most of these stretched out moments but packs a perfectly timed punchline at the end.

He’s performing at the Basement Theatre until May the 13th, and you can grab a ticket here! I suggest hopping to this fast because his last two shows have completely sold out!

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