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Have you ever pictured yourself on the big screen? Fantasised about making it as an A-Lister actor or actress, strutting down a glam red carpet? Well, I don’t about you guys but a few of us nzgirls have definitely entertained the thought before.

These thoughts usuaaaally come to a sudden halt when faced with the bigger question of how to actually break into the professional industry. Yep, that’s where those lovely daydreams stop. There’s a lot of stigma around this career path and as kids we’re often told again and again that it’s an impossible feat. But how true is that?

Back in the day, when blockbuster films like The Titanic and Jurassic Park were crossing our screens, it was apparently really hard to get into the biz without knowing someone important on the inside. Yet, thanks to the magic of social media and new technology (okay, I swear I’m not a stereotypical millennial that praises technology as the solution to everything), almost anyone can become a star on their own without Warner Brothers holding their hand every step of the way. Of course, that is to say if they’re good enough.

But, we wanted to know more about the acting businesses – If only to appease our childhood dreams – So we sat down with newcomer actress, Emily McKenzie in the hope she could provide some handy tips on making it big.


Why Emily? Well, not to brag or anything but this Kiwi actress just hit the big screen. Yep, she recently scored a lead role in the new Kiwi-Indian produced film Beyond The Known World. Emily (pictured above right) plays the young 19-year old Evan Hansen, daughter of a divorced couple who are forced to journey through the Himalayas and further after she fails to return home from a trip to India.

Watch the trailer here

So of course, we had to know more about this chick and find out if she could share any juicy acting secrets with us. Oooh, and guess what? We have some double passes to see Beyond The Known World for you to win – Read on to find out how to nab these goodies!

So, how long have you been acting for Emily?

When I was five, my grandmother made all of her grandchildren do speech and drama at school, so I guess you could say I’ve been acting since I was five!


How did you land the role of Eva Hansen?

I auditioned through my agency and went through the basic processes of it all. Two weeks later I got the call from my agent, say I had got the part!

I remember getting the call quite vividly actually, I was just getting ready to head to work when my agent called. In all honesty, I thought my audition went pretty bad but when I found out I had the role I was gobsmacked! I called my mum, my boyfriend came over and we ditched work and went tenpin bowling to celebrate!

From the films bio, it definitely sounds like will be filled with some intense drama. Do you think the audience will need a box of tissues on stand-by?

I think the film is amazing. When I watched it at a cast screening, I shed a tear! I think it will relate to lots of different people and there are some intense moments, so definitely have a box of tissues in your handbag just in case.

Eva’s mother on the hunt for her daughter and looking stressed AF.

In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics that every young actor or actress needs to have if they want to make it in the business?

Passion is a big thing. It’s a tough industry and it’s not easy because you do face an extreme amount of rejection. But having that passion and drive, plus a really good work ethic is important. Having mental confidence is key too! You can’t rely on other people to tell you that you’re great, you have to have it in yourself.


Do you have any tips or hacks that could help young, budding actors get into the acting industry themselves?

Generally, you need an agent. Look around for one that’s right for you and don’t settle on the first one you meet. If you’re new to the industry then get yourself some good headshots too. Start playing around as well – There are so many scripts online you can experiment with. Film yourself reading from one, that’s always handy to show your agent. There are so many different sites and screenplays to choose from… Like Gilmore Girls!


And a few Q’s about the gal herself…

If you could pick any Hollywood A-Lister to play your love in a film, who would you pick?

That’s too easy! I have an obsession with James McAvoy, he’s my ride or die.

Do you have any party tricks?

Well… I’m a pretty good rapper if I learn the lyrics. Kanye West, Homecoming, Fergalicious. Yep, that’s my party trick.

And lastly, what movie will always bring you to tears?

Moulin Rouge! That movie can always bring me to tears. Oooh, or the Lion King. When Sumba dies – That always gets me.

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