READ, WATCH, LISTEN: Laura And Joseph’s Show Spectacular

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Laura Daniel is everything I want to be when I grow up: sassy, fierce, charismatic AF with a bod that just won’t quit. Add to that her comic genius and timing, on point costumes and it’s guaranteed an hour in her company will leave you panting for more. Laura’s a smorgasbord of delights you’ll want to indulge in with reckless abandon. (Yeah, OK, so I hugged her on the way out like I knew her and had to be peeled off…. in part because of the lap dance she gave me during the show while I was sitting next to her mother… another story for another day).


When paired with fellow Funny Girls comedian Joseph Moore in the Two Hearts Auckland World Tour the result is a combustible duo that sizzles on stage, although tipped in Laura’s favour, with the talented musical man Daniel strongest moments coming from his costume change and Chainsmokers parody.

The now seasoned professionals showcased their “arena-sized pop-comedy spectacle in a non arena-sized venue” Q Theatre Loft along with their four distractingly hot, flexible and cleverly choreographed and rehearsed dancers (Harry McNaughton’s rippling bod… ai, ai, ai!). It was fast-paced lights, glitter, action, costume changes, arrests by police in undies, mixed with very serious social messages like calling for an end to ghost slut shamming.

It’s a thing, OK!


Two Hearts an intelligent evolution of the hilarious parody musical comedy that was successful on Funny Girls with loads of new ticklers alongside. The pair deliver well-written pop music with sharp lyrics interspersed with comedic patter and crowd interaction. You’ll find yourself wanting to sing along until you realise you don’t know the words. It’s a spectacular and surprising, top notch performance from beginning to end.

Laura and Joseph have created a highly entertaining, adults only show that’s a perfect date night or girls’ night on the town, and one where queuing for the front row is absolutely where you want to be (face palm: didn’t get the fast enough!).

Last show TONIGHT and it’s just $25… when it really should have been double that! Grab your tickets here.

P.S. Laura, thanks for the $5… I did pass back to you though; no bribes necessary!

P.P.S. Your mum is really nice; please thank her for birthing you, from us.

Want more? Not a spoiler alert… this track by the Two Hearts duo isn’t in the show:

Spoiler alert… this track is in the show…


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