READ, WATCH, LISTEN: Joseph Is A Technicolour Sensation!

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Oh wow… I was not expecting that!!!! OK, to be fair, I was about 8-years-old when I last saw Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the first time, but what a genre-bursting extravaganza, spectacular the opening night of this show was, and it definitely blew any expectations out of the water.

It was just perfect!


I was on such a high the whole performance and could not smiling. I really had to muffle both my glee and my desire to karaoke sing the whole way through it. And in a weird aside, I remembered almost all the songs… stored in my 8-year-old memory.

If you don’t know, the plot is loosely based around the Book of Genesis’ biblical tale of Joseph, his 11 brothers, and his dad, who pretty much cherished him the most of all his kin, as evidenced by the gifting of – you guessed it – an amazing technicolor dreamcoat. That’s when the drama unfolds and we gasp, laugh and shed a tear at Joseph’s fall and rise at the hands of his bros, some dream interpretation and a cast of colourful characters.


The genius of this production, is while the show was penned and first performed by lyrics by Tim Rice (lyrics) with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the 1969, it flits between musical genres with the greatest of ease – which makes for its colourful, modern interpretation, as with last night’s Civic production, a seamless one. From country and western, the Charleston, jazz, rock’n’roll music from the ’50s, including an Elvis inspired Pharaoh number by Jonathan Roxmouth, and even French ballards, it was a toe-tapping musical medley.


Pharoah played by Broadway sensation Jonathan Roxmouth in an Elvis-inspired rock’n’roll number.

Its highly experienced and well toured South African cast delivered, which collectively boasts an extensive and acclaimed global CV, delivered a fast, fun and delightful performance. Some of the humour had me still tickled today… like an hilarious hover board moment with Venolia Manale showing off way too many skills.. and even with Donald Trump pulled into the antics.


There were too many highlights, so I’ll limit it to just a few:

  • The stunning singing and dancing performance of Mrs. Potiphar, played by Thalia Burt (pictured above), in the Charleston-esque song, ‘Potiphar’ – I could watch that again and again and again.
  • The narrator played by South African pop star and TV presenter Nádine Hoffeldt was breathtaking. Note perfect and on point even when she was in the shadows.
  • Earl Gregory as Joseph was just gorgeous. And his singing of ‘Close Every Door’ was heartbreakingly magical.
  • The live orchestra/band was an incredible treat.

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is perfect for the school holidays, with weekend matinees and afternoon performance, and great for the bigger kids with early show starts from 5pm and 6.3pm some days.

Grab your tickets for Auckland here, Christchurch here and Wellington here – the season runs until the end of April, so don’t wait!!

Don’t just believe me… here’s what everyone else says thanks to Red Carpet TV:

…and here’s me looking waaaaaay to excited to meet the stars!!


L to R: Nádine Hoffeldt, Jonathan Roxmouth, Belinda Nash and Earl Gregory



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