READ WATCH LISTEN: Laura Lee Lovely On Her New EP ‘Eden’

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Christchurch based musician Laura Lee Lovely really lives up to her lovely name as we spent some time waxing lyrical about pop music and her new EP, ‘Eden’.

Coming back from the UK, she had itchy feet as soon as she touched down. She couldn’t wait to get into the studio to make this lush little piece of synthy goodness.


The songs are based on real-life experiences and her emotions and took 6 months to make with her musical partner, Simon Brouwer.  Made partly in a garage and partly in her bedroom where she could record her vocals in a more personal manner.


Upon listening to her EP I found a similarity to Gold Frappe who Laura had never listened to but had plenty to say about her favourite artists Lady Gaga, Robyn and Susanne Sundfør. Particularly Lady Gaga and how she writes her music in a way that is relatable and expressive whilst documenting the changes in her life. ‘Joanne’ is the current album playing in her car.

Her style of music is influenced by her classical upbringing but also 80s’ pop and women who make relatable music. She says she likes the idea of upbeat pop with melancholy lyrics and hopes people feel welcomed by her music as well as being able to relate to it. That is something Laura has absolutely achieved with ‘Eden’. The songs ‘Take Me with You’ and ‘Hot Blood’ was my favourite off the EP.


Immediately after our interview, I looked up Susanne Sundfør and I can wholeheartedly recommend, check out ‘Fade Away’ for a start. If I have learned anything from talking to musicians it’s to always ask them who they are listening to.

If you want to catch Laura playing her new EP there is a tour planned, eventually, but for now, there is a video for ‘Faster’ due out on Halloween.

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