READ, WATCH, LISTEN: 5 Reasons Why Lucy Lewis Is Your Spirit Animal

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OMG…. I just love high school teen angst. Like, seriously. I can’t get enough of movies like Easy A, Pitch Perfect, The Breakfast Club – actually, any high school movie with Molly Ringwald – Clueless, Dazed and Confused, Bring It On, Napoleon Dynamite… OK, you’re pickin up what I’m putting down.

Well, there’s a new girl in town and I want to be her. I want to transport myself back into high school and be just like her. Her name is Lucy Lewis, she’s my spirit animal and below are 5 reasons why she is probably yours too.

But First…

Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose is a super awkward, hilariously wry high school web series about how doing the right thing is a real pain in the butt. It stars the brilliant acting skills of Thomasin McKenzie (Pixie from Shortland Street) – and seriously, she is great – and it celebrates all that’s dorky AF, awesome and incredibly embarrassing about being a Kiwi teenaged girl.

Watch out for the criiiiiiiiiinge wannabe high school teacher.

It’s on YouTube now thanks to the good peops from NZ on Air, and whatever age you are, it’ll return you to that badly dressed, pimply, social inept teenage time we’d love to forget.

Now… here’s why you’re going to give your previous spirit animal the boot and adopt Lucy Lewis:

She’s the Queen of the understatement


She has 21st century problems


She’s as clueless as you are


She can tell a straight-faced lie if the occasion calls


Her life is far from perfect



Get hooked on Lucy’s life here: YouTube, Facebook, InstagramTumblr



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