READ, WATCH, LISTEN: 5 Facts About St John That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Hands up who doesn’t like St John? Exactly! And this week the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal has been rocking and rolling up and down the country asking Kiwis to have a ‘Heart of Gold’, the theme reflecting the spirit of St John and the amazing work it does in our communities.

At a glance, St John is seen solely as an ambulance service. But there’s so much more to the St John name! These unsung heroes include Health Shuttles, Caring Callers, Friends of the Emergency Department, St John Youth, First Aid training and ASB St John in Schools.

St John volunteers and staff have a heart of gold and are at the frontline when it comes to medical response in New Zealand. In essence, its people are the back bone in our Kiwi communities and an integral part of the medical community.

Plus, the St John ambulance crews in Napier saved my Dad’s life more times than I can count!!

So it’s now our chance to give back. So to get you enthused, here’s 5 Facts About St John That Will Blow Your Mind!


1. St John ambulances travel more than 19 million kilometres each year

On average, St John vehicles travel more than a whopping 19 million kilometres per year attending more than 380,000 incidents in New Zealand. St John operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there’s never a time that St John won’t be available to reach those in need. Wowsa!


2. Can you guess how many ambulances and operational vehicles there are in New Zealand?

Just 696 for our population of 4,595,173 Kiwis. So there’s always room for more. This year, the funds donated to the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal are helping fund specialised training and lifesaving equipment to respond to major emergencies.


3. St John trains New Zealanders of all ages

St John gives first aid training to more than 76,000 people through their public training programme, and more than 110,000 children as part of the ASB St John in Schools programme every year. Its services not only help those in need but St John gives us the skills to get our our friends, family and peers our of danger.


4. There are more than 9,000 St John volunteers across New Zealand

The St John’s volunteers have hearts of gold! These fab folks dedicate their own time to keep all our communities up and down New Zealand safe and cared for. This year, you’ll see people wearing a patchwork gold heart pin, which represents the essence of life and the support of all those who believe in the amazing work St John does in the community.


5. Last year, St John attended 6,133 events

…Most likely one you might have been at! Whether it’s a local community fair, festival or sports event, it’s definitely reassuring to know that if help is needed or you or someone are trouble that there are qualified St John staff around to look after you.

So if you’re as WOWed as we were, rustle up more than pocket change for St John Heart of Gold Appeal‘s volunteers this week and weekend, or donate now at here.



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