READ, WATCH, LISTEN: 5 Comedians You Have to See in Your Lifetime

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If you need great big belly laughs to cope with the cooler season, then you’re in luck! The epic 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival is about to land on our door step, from 27 April until 21 May. That’s a CrAzY 5 weeks of snort-laughing for all!

And while it’s more than a month away yet, now’s the time to get your crew together and book to book to get great seats. Plus, gives you a little lead time to plan the night around it.


1. Urzila Carlson

I can’t even express how much I love, love, LOVE Urzila Carlson. I saw her last year and oh LORDY! It was hilarious. And this year she’s hosting the Comedy Gala on 27 April, as well as touring her own show Studies Have Shown from May to June. Urzila is the one and only, and she is 100% a must-see.

Urzila hails from South Africa, and gained Kiwi citizenship. She’s become a household name in New Zealand as a cast member of TV3’s hit comedy panel show 7Days. Plus she’s racked up an impressive array of awards including Best Female Comedian at the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 NZ Comedy Guild Awards.


2. Ed Byrne

I met and interviewed Ed Byrne when he was just starting out a kajillion years ago, so it’s epic to see that he’s become the global stand-up superstar he deserved to be. Ed is touring his own show Outside Looking In in April and May with dates across New Zealand, and he is absolutely someone you have to knock off your bucket list.

Ed Byrne’s brand new show celebrates his 20-year love affair with Kiwi audiences. He reckon’s he’s spent his adult life on the outside, observing the world within, and he’s got plenty to say about it. Expect that lilting, gorgeous Irish brogue.


3. Joel Creasey

Australia’s crown prince of comedy Joel Creasey returns to Auckland and Wellington this May with his brand-new show Poser. Joel’s last show played to packed houses across Australia, USA and Canada. Joel has unashamedly whored himself across Australian TV screens on comedy galas, panel shows, and even the African jungle.


4. Jimmy McGhie

nzgirl-james-francoJimmy McGhie is performing as part of the Comedy All Stars on 9-13 May. He’s warm, angry, absurd and honest. Plus the acclaimed storytelling, stand up comedian is an observant lad, who will comfortably draw you into his world with his seemingly effortless banter in his show Apologia. This is Jimmy’s ninth solo, one-hour show, so according to best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, that means he’s only 9,991 hours away from being brilliant.

And just me, or does Jimmy bear a startling resemblance to James Franco (right)… just me?


5. Ismo Leikola

Ismo Leikola is a comedic legend in Finland, and here in New Zealand he’s doing a gig entirely in Finnish, entitled Puhumme Suomea. It’s on for one night only at The Classic 7 May. So, if you don’t speak Finn then this may not be the gig for you unless you get a kick out of exotic languages.

Great news though, Ismo is performing his show Observing The Obvious… Still as part of the Comedy All Stars on 29 April. This guys is hilarious, and he will sell out. So book as soon as!

You obviously have blindingly amazing taste in comedy, so discover more awesome live shows at the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival powered by Flick Electric Co. from 27 April – 21 May.


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