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In this premiere instalment of Babe Sounds – Sounds For Babes, I bring two you two key tracks, by two equally cool yet contrasting artists, that I wish to introduce you to.

The premise of this series is to expose you babes (that’s you, reader), to new babes on the music scene, providing the soundtracking for the most excellent moments of your life. The time is now, listen up!

(ft. RAURY & CAM O’BI)

Noname, born Fatimah Warner, certified child of the 90s, dropped one of the most lush albums of last year – ‘Telefone’. It’s an exciting time for hip-hop right now, much quality to be found in new releases, with variety abound. The only potential downside of this is that some of the truly quality artists release true masterpieces that are too soon swept away by the tide, before receiving the praise they deserve. In light of that, please trust me on this – don’t sleep on this record.

A cheeky, confident lyricist, Noname narrates an intricate, late-summer throwback scene on ‘Diddy Bop’. For those of you that weren’t there at the time, the ‘Diddy Bop’ was a dance move created by P Diddy back in the 90s, further adding to the authenticity of this songs nostalgia trip.

With nothing derivative about her sound, Noname evokes quality moments of the interminable Lauryn Hill’s ‘Every Ghetto, Every City’ in the best way – traversing an adolescent cityscape with bright eyes wide with possibility.
An impossibly catchy bridge to chorus one-two punch will have this track stuck in your head for days.


Mabel McVey, daughter of veritable music legends Neneh Cherry, and Cameron McVey (producer for Massive Attack), isn’t yet out of her teen years and already sings with a such a soulful tone, slick like wax, far beyond her time on earth so far.

On her standout single ‘Thinking Of You’, Mabel comes in strong and fierce vocally, while her lyrics emote a universally familiar confusion, ready-made for teenage love’s most starry-eyed and genuine intensity.
Mabel created her sound and perfected her musical image entirely of her own devices, wanting to be known as more than the product of musical greats – and this track demands the listener takes her seriously, as an individual artist of note.

The drums kick in, and we realize Mabel knows what she’s doing, there is an exactness to the sound she’s after. The songs vulnerability remains cool and in control, coming off more cute than crazed. Immediately comparable to the early 00s hit ‘Tell Me How You Feel’ by Joy Enriquez, without being an all out copycat attempt.

‘Thinking Of You’ is a song that’s fully matured stylistically, and with heavy notes of playful coyness, it doesn’t flatten itself by trying to be too serious.

The urge to immediately replay this track is strong.


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