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Tinder has been the millennial go to for dating, but what happens when casual dating blossoms into something more?

The play Love Me Tinder, directed by Stephen Sinclair and produced by Click Clack productions is well worth the watch. It begins in a bar, and goes on to highlight every awkward moment tinder dates usually face at bars and then some. But in song.

The talented Zoe played by Jennifer Austin is looking for someone to perfectly harmonise with. On her Tinder date, she appears to have found the perfect tenor or has she?. The charming but slightly conceited Darren, is played by Stephen Lunt.

The play showcases the highs and lows of dating someone in the 21st century. It is humorously tear-jerking, honest and entertaining.  The play was minimalistic, but statement-making. With just a bar as the set, a few props and a talented keyboard player it is able to take the audience through a funny but emotional journey.

The play also features a rapping bartender who steps in when things get messy. Does this mean Zoe ends up falling for him instead? – that would be telling! Or do Darren and Zoe find new Tinderbaes?

The romantic comedy is sure to hit some high notes with its audience.  So make sure you don’t miss it!

It is playing at The Classic Comedy Club from 2 – 4 November at 8pm. Get your tickets here.


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