READ, WATCH, LISTEN: Westside Star Elizabeth Dowden Shares Her Faves

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You’ve probably seen her on NZ’s favourite drama series, Shortland Street, on Power Rangers, or even, more recently as Theresa on THREE’s Westside. She’s Kiwi gal Elizabeth Dowden, the talented actress that seamlessly transitions between different characters on screen. nzgirl was lucky enough to get to know Elizabeth off camera here.

First and foremost, what is your most listened to song on Spotify?

‘When I’m Broken’ by Janine and The Mixtape! Awesome Kiwi female vocalist who is literally Aaliyah and Christina Aguilera put in a blender.

Comfort food is so important; What is yours?

Beef jerky, pizza and a can of Coke is the go-to. Super healthy.


What are your top three beauty products?

La Prairie day cream, City Block by Clinique and Dr. Hauschka cleanser. Basically, anything that smells so good you could eat it.

Quick! Pick a flavour strawberry or green apple.

Green apple… as long as its sour flavoured and sugar coated.


You are currently ours! We need to know who your girl crush is.

Can anyone ever truly replace Sharon Stone (pictured above)? She’s so stunning it’s criminal.

You have played a large variety of characters on screen, which character was your most favourite and why?

It’s actually really hard to pick a favourite – they are all so different. But I really loved playing Kaylee on Power Rangers because the scripts were really innocent and genuinely funny.

Plus kids think you’re awesome.


Which director or actor would like to work with in the future?

To work with or even witness Jessica Lange (pictured above) at work would be a dream come true. I still can’t get my head around her, she’s intimidatingly fearless, a great inspiration to me.

There are so many brilliant directors out there whose work I admire, but I think watching Pulp Fiction over 100 times as an 11-year-old consolidated Quentin Tarantino in the top spot.


Tell us about the character you play in Westside

Theresa is the new girl on the scene after Lefty and Ngaire’s breakup. She’s sweet, fun and comes across as innocent but she’s anything but.


Do you find any similarities between yourself and your character?

Apart from the sweet and fun part? Lol. She’s determined.

On what show can we catch you next?

I wrapped last week on the second season of Roman Empire, a docudrama which screens on Netflix in 2 months. Lots of very familiar Kiwi faces on the show!


Make sure you follow Elizabeth here on Instagram to stay updated on her latest screen endeavours!



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