Sweet Louise and Lonely Lingerie are doing amazing things!

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Sweet Louise and Lonely Lingerie have teamed up to educate women about breast cancer as well as empower them and we are here for it!


Launched in 2006, Sweet Louise is an amazing organisation that has touched and helped the lives many women who are dealing with incurable breast cancer.  The organisation is named after a remarkable woman named Louise Perkins. Who lived her life to the fullest with her incurable cancer and has inspired the overall message of Sweet Louise.

Sweet Louise not only encourages but also helps women to live their lives positively with this particular breast cancer.  The work that they do is free of charge and it includes support systems, providing advice and information as well as therapeutic services.

This October, Lonely will have appearances of registered nurses in store to answer any questions about breast cancer.Lonely has also collaborated with a kiwi artist, Ophelia Mikkelson and together, they have created a beautiful card.  Every visitor to a Lonely Lingerie store and every purchase made at the store will receive this breast care card. The card will outline a how-to on self-examination and what changes to be aware of.

They have also included the same drawing from the card on a limited edition t-shirt. All of the earnings made from this t-shirt will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.




The Lonely Girls and Sweet Louise project is a beautiful one that focuses on three women who live with secondary, incurable cancer.


   “Wearing Lonely felt very feminine and being photographed with all my ‘lady lumps’ on display felt very
liberating.”  – MARIAN




I thought I would be self-conscious and embarrassed on the day but not at all… I loved the day and I
love the lingerie, the sets make me feel special when I wear them…It is fantastic to have such beautiful
pieces that actually fit a larger frame, and an older one!”   – MAGGIE




“I now know that I cant do everything and that’s Ok; I now ask for help. Belonging to Sweet Louise makes
me feel special and to use vouchers on pampering is my idea of being loved no matter the fact that I have
incurable cancer.” – JO


Text “GIVE” to 2274 and donate to Sweet Louise

Photo Credit: Harry Were

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