5 Reasons You Should Eat Kind This October (And Forever)

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In partnership with SAFE’s Eat Kind month in October Bridie Chetwin-Kelly our resident vegan talks us through the reasons why eating kind is awesome. More often than not people tend to think that being vegetarian or vegan is about eating tofu and kale and calling it a day.

That’s not all you’re doing. Eating kind is about saving the environment, animals, your health and eating like you give a damn.

5 Reasons Why Eating Kind is Awesome 


The health benefits

People who eat kind are actually on to something when it comes to health. With the right diet and understanding what vital nutrients your body needs to survive, you could be the ideal picture of health. By removing animal products from diets, you are reducing your risk of having heart disease and cancer As for dairy, the lactose in milk can cause some serious discomfort and leafy greens, broccoli and beans are far better sources to get calcium.

Save the planet, one plate at a time

The numbers are in and a number of resources used to farm agriculture is completely destroying the planet. In the time it takes you to read this 4 football fields of a forest is being cleared for farming. Our clean green image in New Zealand is at risk of animal effluent making our water toxic and contaminated. Not to mention what effects farming releases large amounts of emissions and has a significant impact on climate change.


You could save a life or a hundred

Would you still be able to eat meat if slaughterhouses had windows? By going meat-free you could save over 96 animals a year or up to 198 animals a year if you go vegan.. Normalising eating cruelty-free is what Eat Kind is about and by removing the questions around it we can begin to accept it as a new normal. What’s the difference between a dog and a cow?

It’s just plain pretty to eat plant-based

Just look up vegan on Instagram and you will see just how beautiful the food looks. New Zealand has come a really long way with being vegetarian and vegan-friendly as well. If you are at a loss or think it’s going to be difficult to go out and eat, you couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to Happycow.net you can look up your area and go to tried and tested restaurants and cafes. I can hand on heart say that I have been to countless vegan-friendly places across the entirety of New Zealand. Portershed in Christchurch, Botanist in Wellington and The Burgerie in Auckland are only a couple of examples!  The Burgerie also now boasts the best vegan burger in the whole of New Zealand. Check out @Veganeaaats and @Accidentallyvegannz for even more unbelievable vegan food!

Education around this has been made easy

The education around this hot issue has never been easier and a number of documentaries out there are ever growing. I recommend, Earthlings for a sombre and heart-breaking look into what and how animals are used and abused. Be warned, it will break you… Cowspiracy has been deemed the shocking film that environmental organisations don’t want you to see. It’s about what is actually going to be sustainable for our planet. Lastly, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood is about educating people on the topic of climate change with a big focus on agricultural farming and the pace in which humans consume meat. Bonus, you get to look at Leo for a full movie.


SAFE is encouraging people to at the very least, give it a go for the month of October and has plenty of resources on their website to make the transition an easy one. Save the planet, save the animals and give compassionate eating a go.



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Our resident vegan. Bridie loves all things plant-based, social issues and saving the world one plastic bag at a time. She is constantly adding to her diverse music collection and always looking for more. You’ll catch her at as many music shows that she can humanly attend. Connect with her at bridiejune@gmail.com. Bring coffee.