ON THE MENU: Saint Patricks Day hunger – We have you covered

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HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY! It’s time to paint yourself completely green and dance the night away to our favourite Irish pub songs.

GALLLLLLLLLWAY GIRL. I can hear it playing from here….

In the spirit of all things Irish, I’ve tracked down some of the best recipes I could find that will completely and totally melt in your mouth if you’ve opted to stay in and gorge on March 17th.

First up, let me start off with my ultimate chef crush (GO AND LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS) Donal Skehan. He seriously is an amazing cook, and what’s even better is he is… IRISH!

Carbs. Check. Cute Youtube Chef teaching you how to make it? Check. Irish accent? Check.


Secondly – it’s getting colder (understatement, floods and fires should be NZ’s middle name) so why not settle down, put on P.S I Love You, stare deeply into Gerard Butlers eyes and eat the most hearty Irish Stew.

And last, but not least (and you can always skip the above two and just move straight to these) is PUD PUD PUD. I couldn’t help myself, there were so many good ones out there, I had to pick two.

Classic recipe up first – Guinness Cake by Katie Quinn Davies.

To be honest I can’t drink Guinness because:
A: Gluten free
B: I’ve worked one too many Saint Paddy’s behind the bar in a past life

BUT HOW GOOD DOES THAT CAKE LOOK? Would consider giving myself a sore stomach just to have a taste.

And lastly – Thirsty For Tea’s Irish Oat Flapjacks.

Both look absolutely decadent. If you have a favourite Irish recipe, let us know!

Happy Saint Patricks day!



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