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I always thought Horopito was a place made famous by the original 1980 Goodbye Pork Pie movie for it’s crazy as all get out car yard… turns out it’s also an incredible Kiwi native herb that’s good for us …as well as being frickin tasty.


A calamari dish enhanced with Makrut Lime Leaf Sea Salt Seasoning

Let me introduce you to a true Kiwi pioneering story, too. Meet Rhayne (named after the founder Dean Fountain’s baby girl), a Kiwi company is comprising of a passionate crew of keen cooks who decided to grow its magical herbs at base of the picturesque Ruapehu.


Steak rubbed with Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning

The result is three herb packs ready for your exemplary cooking skills:


A Little About Horopito…

Horopito is a wonder herb (pictured above) used by Maori for eons, and notably to combat the diseases brought by the Europeans. It’s known for battling yeast and fungal infections (hence its survival rate as a plant), as well as a ringworm treatment and topical skin diseases, like eczema, as well as applied to bruises, cuts, wounds and chaffing. It was chewed to remedy a toothache and its sap was used to treat STDs. Eurpoean settles jumped on the herb, too, using it to treat stomach ache and diarrhoea.


Plus the guys are proud to share with you that if you pick up the latest issue of Cuisine mag, you get to try its Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning with Kawakawa for free!


Dean checking the horopito harvest on Christmas Eve 2016

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