#nzgirlhacks: Your Summer Activewear And Snacks Sorted

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If you asked me two weeks ago if I ever thought I would climb Rangitoto my answer would have been “no way,” but that all changed when Lululemon and Jesse James offered to take me to the top.

Climbing Rangitoto was my introduction to Lululemon and Yeah Poke Bowls, which is soon to open in Takapuna.

Poke pronounced POH-KAY is Hawaiian. It means ‘to slice and cut’ a Poke Bowl is traditionally Tuna or Salmon with vegetables and rice. Yeah Poke Bowls delivers tradition with a twist, the twist being Wasabi Peas and OMGIHD it is good.

It will be your summer snack of choice – I promise.



Now that we’ve sorted your snack, back to the gear, I fell in love with the gear and the Lululemon brand fast.

In a world where body image, mental health issues, and artificial marketing is so prevalent, it is non-negotiable for me to always create with purpose. Says Lululemon Australia and New Zealand's Creative Director, Morgan Wardrope.

Morgan if you’re wondering is a total babe and a source of inspiration for any of you young creatives.

With Summer fast approaching it’s the perfect time for you to be outdoors, here are my favourite gears from Lululemon and the reasons why you need them.



Tights – the high waisted Lululemon tights are boss and fit you like a second skin. Which is something that I appreciate because given that I have super skinny legs I like tights that make my legs look slightly less chicken-y.

Tops – like with the tights the Lululemon’s tops fit you like a glove, there are many to choose from, my recent favourite is a long sleeve top which I just brought. It’s the kind of shirt you can wear to Grit and to dinner which in my book is my kind of top.

Jackets – the jacket I climbed in has now become my go to in this temperamental Auckland weather. I have it on my list to purchase another of their jackets soon, the styles are classic. If you invest in one this season you can be certain it’ll be bomb next season [and the one after that too]

When it comes to fitness and wellbeing our motto should be to get up and show up, because if there is anything that I have learned, it is that wellbeing and fitness is for everyone; if you need reminding of that look to Lululemon or to Jesse James, who helped me, a girl who uses a wheelchair climb a mountain.

If I can do it so can you.



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