#nzgirlhacks: Top 9 Things To Do With Your Besties This Winter + WIN!

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Winter is the perfect season to chill and take a load off with your besties. But sometimes it’s a real head scratcher figuring out what to do. So we’ve pulled together a list of our faves for great times with your most important peeps that won’t cost a tonne!


1. Movie Night In

There’s a key ingredient for a girls’ movie night in: chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! And let’s be honest, we mean Arnott’s Tim Tam biccies. And how convenient… Tim Tam has released its latest and greatest flavours in the range, and there’s one for everyone: Choc Mint, Salted Caramel & Vanilla, Coconut & Lychee, and Black Forest. Now’s there’s nothing left to do but fight about what you’re going to watch. My hot picks are Bridesmaids, The Heat, Easy A, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, and Friends With Benefits.


2. Book Karaoke

Karaoke in a private booth with the gals is about as much fun as you can pack in on a winter’s eve. Don’t know where to go? Thankfully Yelp came to the party with it’s 2017 list of the top 10 karaoke places in Auckland, here. Look out for whether food or beverages are included, whether the karaoke songs on the screen are ones you know, and have English lyrics, ask about the size of the room and duration you can stay. That way you can grab the mic and “Like a Virgin” to your heart’s content.


3. Go Ten Pin Bowling

Ten pin bowling alleys are popping up everywhere and yay for that. It’s so much fun! Dr Rudi’s in Auckland added bowling alleys to its dining/bar offering and it’s the ideal way to spend an eve with your besties. As the Urban List say in its ‘where to go ten pin bowling list, it’s all-weather, anytime fun.


4. Quiz Night

Nothing quite brings out the competitiveness in your besties than a quiz night, and that’s why they are crazy amounts of fun. Winter is the perfect time to explore all the pubs, bars, clubs, RSAs and more in your neighbourhood that hold quiz nights. There’s everything from comedians and drag queens hosting these quizzes, so get amongst. Book your besties, book a table and settle in for a night of discovering just how much your friends know about ’80s movies.


5. Hold A Clothes Swap

Sick of your wardrobe? Or – like me – no longer fit your size 8 threads? What better way to spend an eve than with your girlfriends swapping your clothes for theirs. I have picked up some stellar items in the past and – better still – shed items that have gone on to have new adventures. It’s also the perfect time for a wardrobe rethink and cull. And if you’re lucky, you’ll pick up some items you’ve been secretly coveting for awhile.


6. Do the Tim Tam Slam

This video of Three’s The Bachelor NZ contestant Claudia doing the Tim Tam slam is hilarious – that giggle!!!

The Tim Tam slam is a rite of passage for any Kiwi or Aussie – especially when you have foreign guests. Bachelor contestant Claudia does her slam with tea, but LORDY, the slam is one next level taste sensation when you slam with black coffee (let it cool off a bit first…). And of course, you have to do this with your besties… it’s just too funny to do alone. Mix it up with all the new flavours… the Choc Mint Tim Tam slam could be your new thing! Oh, and be sure to Snap-Insta-Facey all the crazy… or it didn’t happen!


7. Hire A Bach

Embrace the cosy and book a bach for a girls’ weekend away. Winter might bring the chills but it also brings with it super low bach rentals. So this is the perfect time to head to your dream destination and live it up in the kind of swanky accommodation you wouldn’t normally get in the busy season. The trick here is to look close to home so you’re not in the car all weekend. Think about a neighbouring town, or beach. One of my fave places to go in winter is Omaha, and you can grab a 5-bedroom bach for as little as $200 per night in winter. Grab the girls and that’s just $80 each for the weekend. Nice!


8. Go On A Winery Tour

I have done this mid-winter as a cycle tour to each winery in Mangawhai Heads, and it was easily one of my most memorable girls’ trips ever. Whether you’re into wine, or just love hanging with your besties, this will take the mid-winter chill off any afternoon. We have our pick here in New Zealand with wine regions up the wazoo. Why not plan your bach weekend away with this in mind and you’ll make your stay even more exceptional. Choose from educational tastings, or if you’re in any of the main centres, seek out the wine events that come to you, like the upcoming Wine And Food Celebration in Auckland, and Pinot Palooza in Christchurch and Auckland.


9. Deserve A Spa Day

Seriously… when was the last time you had a pamper? Mine was, erm…? Anyhoo, it’s more than likely it’s time you treated yourself. And not that you need one but there’s bound to be a reason to book it in. A birthday, anniversary, a Wednesday. If you’re on a budget, it doesn’t have to be the whole deal – a massage and sauna might be just ticket. Or just get a mani-pedi together. And if you’re splashing the cash, it’s definitely worth booking someone to come to you so you and your gal pals can truly relax. Champagne anyone?





The awesome peops at Arnott’s have given us a bumper Tim Tam prize pack of goodies for one nzgirl to win. The prize pack consists of 1x each flavour from the Tim Tam by Gelato Messina range!

  • 1x Choc Mint Flavour
  • 1x Salted Caramel & Vanilla Flavour
  • 1x Black Forest Flavour
  • 1x Coconut & Lychee Flavour


Just tell us which of these ideas hit your sweet spot, or something you love to do with your besties, and you’re entered to win. Now, go get the kettle on, because Tim Tam are #betterwhenshared!



Thanks to Arnott’s Tim Tam for making this post possible… and for giving us the Tim Tam slam!

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