#nzgirlhacks: Get Rid of Your Muscle Aches Naturally Now!

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If you’re like us, you’re either desk-bound with neck, shoulder and back pains or clumsy and constantly getting new bruises. This will be the product that will save you!

With over ten years of research and development, Keith Harvey is proud to launch his unique
and 100% natural anti-inflammatory muscle product, Organic Muscle Rub (OMR).

If it’s good enough for multi-sport champions and Nick Haig, the captain of the Black Sticks, it’ll probably be great for everyone!

I have been using OMR for a little while now and it's the best muscle rub out there. When I
start to get muscle soreness or tightness during a hard training week, using OMR gets me
through and means I can continue to train at a high level required to play international
hockey. I love that it's organic and feel confident that it works and is good for my body.

Who most needs a muscle rub?

Everyone! OMR is more than just a muscle rub. OMR can help your back and neck pain, inflammatory conditions, headaches, sports injuries, menstrual cramps, coughs and colds! It really is a first aid kit in a jar.



What the bleep is methyl salicylate and why is it bad for us?

Methyl salicylate is a synthetic chemical created to mimic the heating/cooling effects of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s cheap, can prove highly toxic, and in most of the anti inflammatory products you find on the shelf. We only use certified organic botanical ingredients that have proven anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

Why is creating a product with 100% natural ingredients important?

I am only interested in creating products made from natural and organic ingredients. They work so much better than synthetic chemicals. Our bodies have millions of receptors that will recognise an ingredient from nature and send it to where it is needed. These receptors don’t have the code for man-made synthetic ingredients, so they will often be either excreted or stored as toxins in muscle tissues or fat cells. Before the birth of most of our great-grandparents, time-honoured plants had been effectively used for healing since the beginning of human history. Synthetics were created for one reason only. The mighty dollar. Go figure!


What exactly are “active” ingredients?

Active ingredients are ingredients that have a specific purpose to improve your wellbeing. Most products contain fillers and additives to bulk out the product. Anti-inflammatory creams usually contain 60-80% water, not to mention petroleum and other solvents. Every active ingredient in OMR has a two-fold action: to effectively help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Does OMR replace muscle therapies like physio and massage?

As a muscle therapist myself I think they compliment each other. A trusted professional can speed healing times up tremendously.I use OMR on every single client I work with for maximum benefit. But if for any reason you are unable to see a professional, OMR has been designed for both self care and professional use. Give yourself some time to work OMR into your own (or a loved one’s) injuries, aches and pains. Rubbing sore points speed up circulation,and speeds up the healing process.

So there you go! Get rid of your sore muscles and have some Art Green eyecandy at the same time 😉


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