#nzgirlhacks: How To Make Your Period Suck Less

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I don’t know about you, but for me there is a time each month that I dread. When I can get debilitating cramps, mood swings and want to eat everything in sight for a couple of days (it’s the only time of the month I totally crave salt and sugar in one bite). Yep, it’s my time of the month, my period.

And while I know our periods are a reminder of the potential of being able to have babies, it really can suck for so many of us. But why?

Plus, it wasn’t always like this. Pre-modern era in the Western world, a woman’s period signified her deep connection with the moon and nature. As we’ve become “more civilised”, however, modern stresses and negative connotations about our natural cycle push our bodies and hormones out of balance. Not to mention pollution and oxidant stress – plus that desire to reach for a wine when we’re feeling low.

And when our hormones are out of balance, symptoms of PMS hit, and they can hit some of us hard. Thankfully I have recently discovered Artemis PMT Ease Tea ($15.50). And it works!


But how? Artemis is a Kiwi company that creates traditional European medicines, using the highest quality, handpicked medicinal plants. One type of medicine they create is tea, because the goodness in some plants is best extracted in hot water. And tea is the easiest and most effective way for your body to absorb the therapeutic properties of these plants.

Plus, there’s nothing quite like nursing a warm cuppa when you’re not having the best of days.


PMT Ease Tea contains a synergistic blend of Lady’s Mantle, Chaste Tree berries (commonly known as Vitex), Calendula, Yarrow, Lemon Balm and Cinnamon to help make periods easier each month. These medicinal plants are a godsend for anyone suffering from any classic PMT symptoms – bloating, cramps, acne, headaches, and other unfortunate side effects of your hormones being out of whack.

And bonus, if you drink PMT Ease Tea regularly, it helps balance hormones over time, easing these acute symptoms along the way. What’s more, PMT Ease is certified organic, and delicious.

So the next time Aunt Flo visits, pop on your Netflix and chill with a pot of PMT Ease Tea to make her visit one you won’t dread… it may even be enjoyable.



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