#nzgirlhacks: Last Minute Christmas Gifts That You Can Get From Bed!

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Missed someone on your Christmas list and don’t have time to go shopping? (Or can’t be bothered facing the Christmas crowd?)

Here are some easy Christmas gifts that you can get, all without leaving the house!


nzgirl-last-christmas-giftsCost: minimum $5

Sharesies is a new website founded by millennials Sonya and Brooke, which is making investing fun, easy and achievable, and showing that investing is not just for the rich. They have just introduced gifting, which means gifters can cover the cost of the lucky recipients’ $30 annual subscription, or purchase a set amount for them to invest in Sharesies funds – anywhere between $5 and $2,000.

This is not your usual gift – it’s thoughtful, ethical (Sharesies has socially responsible funds available), will likely grow in terms of monetary value over the years (which means more money for clothing investments) and you don’t even need to visit a crazy mall to purchase it.

Setting someone up to start investing is an awesome Christmas gift, especially in an age where most people think property is the only way!

Ultimate Movie Night


Cost: minimum $30

Give them the experience of a great summer movie night with an Auckland Openair cinema voucher! All you need to do is choose your amount, record your message and let them pick their flick!

Adopt an olive tree


Give the gift that keeps on giving with an olive tree adoption! By adopting an olive tree, your gift recipient will receive 3 bottles of olive oil, 6 packets of olives and unlimited visitation rights throughout the year! Perfect for an olive lover!


Subscription boxes


Cost: varies


Subscription boxes are great, simply because they will receive a gift every month from you! You’ll be the best gift-giver, even though it was done last-minute 😉

You can choose to give chocolate subscriptions, personalised wine subscriptions, or just red or wine wine, beer subscriptions or even cheese subscriptions!


What other last-minute Christmas gifts can you think of?

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