#nzgirlhacks: Give Your Mum The Gift Of ‘Me Time’ This Mother’s Day

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Real talk – there’s pretty much only one thing you mum (or you if you’re a mum) reeeeeeeally wants this Mother’s Day. It’s not an early breakfast buffet or a day out with kids or any age, but rather some good, old fashioned, quality ‘me-time.’

Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and mums rarely (read: never) get the chance to relax and chill out. So this Mother’s Day, we asked the Typo crew what they’re suggest to do to help your, kick up her feet and have some time out with its cute AF collection dedicated to mum’s everywhere!

1.     Take a Quick Dip

Let’s face it – she’ll be considered lucky to have time to wash her hair. So make the most this opportunity by making her experience a peaceful one. Whether it is a Typo bath fizzer, bath robe, or a set of some quirky slippers, these products are guaranteed to give Mum that much needed serenity – even if it is just for a few minutes!

Collection One Imagery

2.     ‘Hot Like a Sunrise’

Whisk her off to a tropical oasis by setting the scene. Before Motherhood, burning a candle, keeping a journal and pampering her tired hands was a regular ritual – but now, it’s probably best saved for special occasions. Bring back the tranquility this Mother’s Day with no other than a Typo candle, hand cream and journal (for all her crazy thoughts!)



3.     Chase The Dream

What better way to give Mum some ‘me-time’ by blocking out that never-ending household turmoil. Whether it’s a deep sleep or simply day dreaming – Typo’s take a sip mug, oversized eye mask and nice cushy cushion is the perfect combination for escaping reality.

4.     Diffuse The Situation

Set the right aura in her orbit. Well known to improve health, increase energy, and to help induce sleep, scented diffusers are a must have for every Mum.
Work your way through Typo’s wide selection of scents to find perfect one for her.

5.     Have Your Happy Hour

‘Is it Wine O’Clock yet?’ – The universal catch-cry of all Mothers. Who doesn’t want a wine glass that fits a whole bottle? No one that’s who! Perfect for when she needs a well-deserved glass of wine after a stressful day.



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