#nzgirlhacks: Fizzy Water With A Fruity Zing!

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I’d love to say I invented this cute #nzgirlhack, but it was the talented and all round fab nail and makeup artist extraordinaire, nzgirl Heather Vette. (Heather’s nail art features in the pic!)


Basically, it’s a way of flavouring your soda water bringing an elegant flavour. To make it, either buy or make soda water with a soda stream, then dip a cold brew fruit tea bag quickly into the water and voila, a gorgeous, classy and very refreshing beverage.

We used one of our fave NZ company’s, Red Seal Hot or Cold Teas, but you could use your personal favourites. Our top flavours for this brew are Raspberry & Strawberry,  Blueberry & Blackcurrant, and Peach & Pomegranate.


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