#nzgirlhacks: 3 DIY Tips On Floral Arrangements From A Florist!

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Ever wondered how to have beautiful flowers in your home? Melissa Jane from Melissa Jane Flower Studio tells us how!

Melissa Jane is a Wellington florist with over 9 years florist experience, working both in London and New Zealand. This year, she’s participating in New Zealand Flowers Week, a week long celebration of the best that our beautiful local flower industry has to offer.


I knew I wanted to work with flowers since I was a little girl. It was something I always said I wanted to be when I grew up. I was a creative kid and I was always outside playing in the gardens. When I realised you could work in an environment where you were surrounded by beautiful things and still get to be creative and make things all day, it sounded like the dream job for me.

My top 3 tips for DIY floral arrangements for people at home are….
  1. Always re-cut your flowers and foliage stems on an angle as soon as you get them home and put them straight into fresh water. Make sure you position your flowers in a suitable area where they are out of direct sunlight and away from cold breezes and heating vents.
  2. To keep your flowers fresh and to help make them last as long as possible, make sure there is no greenery below the waterline. This increases bacteria in the water, re-cut the stems and change the water every couple of days.
  3. A large arrangement in the kitchen or dining room is always lovely but my favourite arrangements to do at home is simply getting a couple of blooms and arranging them into jam jars or bud vases and dotting them around the house. There is something very special about these small little touches adding a splash of colour or a lovely scent to your bathroom or bedside tables for example.


The most memorable floral arrangement I’ve created was for my sister’s wedding. It was my first wedding I did where I was given full autonomy. She completely trusted me to create her wedding flowers, from bridal bouquets to buttonholes, ceremony flowers and table arrangements. Although it was a lot of work on top of being maid of honour, I absolutely loved doing it. Plus, she loved everything I did, which meant so much to me. I was given a lot of really positive feedback from guests that attended their wedding and thinking about it, this job was probably was what inspired me the most and gave me the confidence to want to go out and start a floristry business of my own.

My favourite locally available flowers are probably Roses. Mostly because of the high quality and the huge variety that are available and produced in New Zealand! I use Roses in most arrangements as they come in so many different colours and varieties and they are available all year round.


Being a part of New Zealand Flowers Week is so exciting because it’s a unique opportunity to get together with like minded people across the industry that share the same passion for flowers. It’s not often you get given the chance to work with unlimited product and given full creative licence to help promote something that you are truly passionate about.

I get my inspiration from nature. If I’m feeling a bit low after a busy day of work, a good walk through native bush is usually all I need to reenergise my mind, body and soul and to help get my creative juices flowing again.


Thank you so much to Melissa for giving us her tips and tricks on DIY flowers at home! Check out the other florists participating in New Zealand Flowers Week here.



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