#nzgirlhacks: 7 Reasons Bali Might Be Your Spiritual Home 

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One of my all time favourite places in the world is Bali. And when I shared my love of it with someone who calls Bali her second home, superstar and yogi gal Abbylee Bonny telling her that “it is my spiritual home,” she said “Same!”:

As a lover of the light, a seeker of the sun and someone who loves the sweetness of tropical climates, there’s no doubt Bali’s my spiritual home.


Abbylee Bonny is the amazing #girlboss at H + H LIFESTYLE, an on and offline community of epic babes that inspires and motivates women to live a life they love full of health and happiness.

To make the journey even better, this super Bali babe has brought her Bali experience to all of us.

Each year I move to Canggu, a small oceanside town for three months, between the massages and surf lessons I host yoga and fitness retreats, acting as your guide so I can share the gorgeous bounty of this magic country!
Canggu, Bai, it’s like a wellness warriors Disneyland, everything and anything you can imagine for health and happiness empowerment, from yoga shalas surrounded by lush green palm trees to hip whole food cafes most often found in Melbourne or LA - here’s my seven reasons why Bali might just be the spiritual home you’ve been looking for!

So we asked Abbylee to share her love for Bali and just why it’s her spiritual home, here!


1. Yoga

Daily body movement, breath and mindfulness underpin the H + H LIFESTYLE values and Bali is the perfect destination to explore these elements in greater depth. Whether you’re a yoga novice or have been practicing for years you’re bound to find just what you need at many of the exotic yoga shalas. A couple of my faves are The Practice Bali and Desa Seni where as soon as you walk though the doors you’ll be transported to another dimension, and by the time you’ve finished your practice it feels that way too.


2. Whole Foods

I can honestly say there is nowhere does food like I’ve seen in Bali, particularly Canggu. It’s fresh, full of rich, colourful, nourishing ingredients from locally grown and sourced produce. I need to throw in there too, it’s not just good for you but it actually (hand on heart) tastes freakin’ delicious too!


Having been to Bali every year for the last three years, I can tell you you’d be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t visit The Shady Shack, Green Ginger Noodle House and Peloton Super Shop.


3. Fitness

Babe! There’s no better place to get your sweat on than Bali! Overlooking the ocean, or lush green rice paddies, there’s something about training in a warm climate that really motivates you to get in your element and get it done!


And if you like to train: weights, boxing, barre, running, crossfit or even getting out amongst the surf, there’s something for anyone. Training in the tropics is the absolute best, particularly when it’s followed by a plunge in the pool.


4. Live By the Light

Ahhh, my actual favourite! A key practice that helps increase health and happiness, there’s even studies that prove it! Rising with the sun, and going to bed once the sun sets allows you to live according to your natural body clock – not the time set by your iPhone. Living by natural light helps regulate hormones – allowing melatonin, your sleep hormone, to break down quickly and effectively, meaning you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. As our melatonin breaks down, serotonin increases, lifting your mood and bam you’re ready for a day of sitting poolside sipping coconuts! Babe, it’s how we’re meant to live! And I tell ya, once you make the change you’ll be craving it upon returning to the city.


5. Relaxation 

When you’re in Bali, there are endless opportunities to be out in nature, practicing mindfulness and living at a slower pace. As cliché as it may sound, living on “Island time” in Bali really allows you to unwind and unpick the daily stress you may not even notice normally. The relaxation afforded by the shift in the way we do life in Bali is complimentary to all areas of our health, reducing the pace of our daily routine, pressing pause on the list of jobs and appointments that constantly trigger adrenal responses, causing an elevated stress in the body. When you’re operating on Bali time, your body has time to catch up and truly focus on healing and increasing health – inside and out. Ultimate wins in both the Health and Happiness standings!


6. Pampering

For those that like a little pampering, Bali is the place to be. Imagine the bill you’d rack up if you got a 90 min massage every day in NZ? Ha! Your whole pay check would be blown. In Bali, however babe you can get a 90 minute for less than NZD$40 and I’m taking luxury at Spring Spa not cheapo! The perfect time and place to put some time in energy into self-care, one of the H + H LIFESTYLE’s core values too, ‘cause Babe you can’t do life very well if you don’t spend though time doing you!! Self-care is the key aspect of health and wellness. By taking this time to put yourself first, you’ll find it lifts other aspects of your overall wellbeing – and without breaking the bank. You’re welcome!


7. Connection

This is ultimate! For anyone that knows me, my passion in life is connecting with like minded people, sharing perspectives, knowledge and stories. Bali is a great place to do that! Each time I’ve visited Bali, I’ve always found myself in unique situations, outside of your ‘everyday’.  Walls of fear are broken down in Bali and people find drive to live with passion doing with is it they truely want to be doing. This is bound to change your perspective and allow you to connect with other wonderful people in a way you can only do on an overseas adventure!


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