#nzgirlhacks: 5 Reasons Plastic Is Destroying Our Children’s Future & What YOU Can Do!

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I have discovered a new love… and I am there every week, chewing the ear off whomever is at the counter #sorrynotsorry.

It’s the brand spanking new GoodFor store in Ponsonby/Grey Lynn that is determined to be New Zealand-wide as soon as possible. And the team are not on a mission to make heaps of money (although they do plan on using profit to get bigger, better and nationwide), but to start a revolution in Aotearoa: to end single use plastic… and oil-based plastic altogether. Forever.


You can pick up anything form pasta, rice to soup mixes.

While single use plastic shopping bags are a huge concern – especially when they end up in the ocean – the really tough issue to address and change, is the crazy amount of packaging we’re all unconsciously consuming when we shop, and being naive as to its impact on resources and the planet’s future. In New Zealand, we are simply without the infrastructure to recycle the plastics we’re consuming. And in reality, when we buy two avocados we do not need either the polystyrene tray or the cling film holding them on.


How GoodFor Is Making A Difference

Basically, the formula is simple. You bring in your containers (or buy them there) and get anything from pasta, tea, herbs, spices, a variety of in house mueslis (the chia one is insanely divine!), every dried fruit you could ever think of, snacks, rice, quinoa and – even bamboo toothbrushes! Plus you can buy all the household products you need – just refill in-store.


Approximately 352,000 tonnes of packaging go into landfills each year. According to the Packaging Council of NZ, New Zealanders consume about 735,000 tonnes of packaging every year and recycle only about 58% of that. Plastic alone is estimated to take up around 20% of New Zealand landfill space.

– recycle.co.nz

It’s just disappointing and reckless waste. And it’s the next generations who’ll inherit a planet awash with our consumption ways.


So we asked GoodFor founder, James Denton, exactly why plastic is so bad, and why it’s killing our kids’ future.

1. ALL plastic will eventually be thrown into a landfill or end up in our oceans.

The majority of plastic is used only once, while only a small amount is utilized a number of times. The plastic that is used a number of times is often necessary but the single use convenience plastic is not at all. The average New Zealander throws away 250 single use plastic bags a year. That is 1 billion plastic bags that have nowhere to go, just from us! Think how many plastic bags the world’s population throw to landfill?

2. In 20 years, there will be chemical remnants from plastic everywhere in our oceans – a plastic ocean.

Imagine going to the beach, knowing that you will be swimming in plastic. All sea life is being dramatically affected by plastic already, mistaking it for food and in many cases, strangling or choking the animal to death. This travels through the food chain and ultimately ends up in us, the people who created the plastic. We are poisoning ourselves and our children through poisoning our oceans.


There’s a refillery for all natural household products. Just BYO container!

3. The vast majority of plastic is created from a finite resource – oil.

Not only does this mean that the plastic we use is toxic but we are taking a resource that our planet has spent millions of years creating and that is impossible to replace in time. It takes 120,000 litres of oil to create the 1 billion bags we as New Zealanders throw away each year!

4. A lot of plastic doesn’t even make it to landfill or into our oceans.

This plastic gets into our drainage and water filtration systems, blocking our water flow and at the same time releasing harmful toxins. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it breaks down into harmful chemicals that are finding their way into our drinking water, the water that our children drink.


And yes, you can get chocolatey treats!

5. The sooner the age of fossil fuels is over, the better.

The plastic industry is just another cog in the machine keeping the industry thriving. Fossil fuels being used to create plastic and burned for vehicles and energy is poisoning and heating up our planet. We are now at a point where our children’s lives will be dramatically affected by this. We need to make a dramatic change in the way we shop, saying no to plastic!


There’s even a kombucha refilling station.

Discover the GoodFor Store at 2 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby, and online here, plus Instagram and Facebook. And make sure you ask the team to get a store near you soon!


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