#nzgirlhacks: 5 Model Hacks For A Kickass Healthy, Happy Body

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Kiwi gal and all round model, #girlboss and superstar Annabella Barber already has her own street wear fashion label Surrounded By Ghosts. And to add to her list of achievements, she’s now the face and babelicious bod of Bonds Hipsters, joining the ranks of another nzgirl fave, Frankie Adams.

We grabbed a couple of minutes with this busy entrepreneur to get her top 5 hacks to get a kickass healthy and happy body.


1. Go Skin Naked

Less is more when it comes to make up and skincare, I love to let my skin breathe.

2. Get Your Body Moving

Try to work out every day, even if it’s just a short walk.

3. Chill When You Need To

Everything in moderation! I follow the 80/20 rule, where I am 80% healthy and 20% treat.


4. Detox!

Detox baths are one of my favourite ways to reboot my body. I use ¼ tsp Epsom Salt, ¼ tsp Himalayan Pink Salt, ¼ tsp Baking Soda… And don't forget to drink lots and lots of water during and after.

5. Water, Water, Water

Speaking of water, drink loads in general. Staying hydrated is a must, especially when I’m travelling.


Plus, #nzgirlhack: To be in to win a trip for 3 peops to Sydney with Bonds, head into any Farmers from 24 April!

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