#nzgirlhacks: 5 Hacks To Becoming The Ultimate #Girlboss + Meet Kurisú

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Meet Kurisú. She’s an Auckland-based artist who hails from Japan. She’s a food-loving, puppy-patting, music-making Queen, which makes her a total NZ girl!

For as long as she can remember she’s known she wanted to pursue a life in music, and she’d been tiptoeing around the local scene while she carefully crafted her own sound and found her own voice.

My music is about the darkness that we typically don’t like to talk about. The truth is we all face difficult times and if we could be honest about it, the better the chances of us overcoming our demons.
I grew up listening to an eclectic range of music, from musicals to gangster rap, jazz, soul – it’s all played a part in my journey. It took me a long while to really nail down what sound best represented me, and a sound that was true to my voice. I am an odd ball so trying to sound like a pop diva just wouldn't work!

On April 7 this year Kurisú released her debut single ‘Hospital Walls’, available here, is a song is as reflective as it is remarkable: effortlessly lacing down-to-earth lyrics and entrancing vocals with distinctive beats.

Hospital Walls is about an everyday struggle of feeling like you are crazy. It’s about having trust in yourself to beat those internal battles, as well as having trust in others...because what does it even mean to be normal? Aren’t we all a little crazy?

We grabbed Kurisú for ten minutes to found out how to be a total #girlboss and keep your eye on the prize at all times, here.



1. Have a Goal

I can’t even stress to you how important it is to have a goal. Without one it is so easy for time to run away on you, then all of a sudden 10 years have passed and you’re living in your mum’s granny flat wondering why everyone on your Facebook looks like they are succeeding in life and all you have is your pet dog to show for all these years that have passed. Seriously though, set goals even if they seem ludicrous. Set short, mid and long-term goals. Write down dates for completion and try to stick to them as close as you can, sure things will slip here and there, but without those dates you will just be flailing about like a confused kitty cat.


Teaser photo from Kuirisú’s upcoming video for Hospital Walls – “My mini me is so cute yet so creepy”

2. Believe in Yourself

This is a tough one, you are always your own worst critic and that’s ok, you can be hard on yourself but don’t let it hinder you in your work. At the end of the day if you can’t believe in what you are doing you cannot expect anyone else to. It starts and ends with you, as long as you can have faith in yourself it actually doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Music, or any art form really, is first and foremost about yourself. If other people admire it then cool, it’s an added bonus.

3. Stay Focussed on Your Mission

This kind of goes back to point #1. It is soooooo easy to loose track of what you’re doing, or why you’re doing it. It helps to go back to those goals you created to reset yourself. Create mood boards so you never lose sight of your dream, whether it’s to play to a stadium of 200,000 people or to make a mixtape for your nan, it doesn’t matter – just remember to keep focused on that end goal. Don’t get me wrong things change… I had no idea what my mission was for a long time, for a minute I thought it was to be a pop diva, then a rapper, then a country singer… Now I know that my mission in life is to feed my soul with music and to help others realise some of their deepest darkest truths through my music… and sell a trillion records and have fans all over the world, hahaha kidding.


4. Learn Your Craft and Practice, Practice, PRACTICE

No matter what your craft – singing, playing an instrument or production; whether you’re into acoustic, electronic or heavy metal – just practice. You don’t need to pay millions for lessons, these days there are so many free tutorials to help you upskill if that’s what you need, but bottom line is if you don’t practice you won’t get better. Watch other people you admire, listen to what others have to say, have fun and practice. The better you get the better you will feel, it is all worth it.

5. Share Your Passion With Your Nearest And Dearest

I know from experience it can get really lonely sometimes trying to make music in your bedroom. I was so insecure and scared of what people would think of me and my music that I used to keep it all to myself. It took me a long time to realise how much better it would be for me to share it with the people I love. Trust me, your friends and family want to hear what you have been working on, they will love it! It also makes people feel special when you share something as personal as music with them. My family can be pretty blunt about things, hence being scared to share my music, and before it used to get me down but now I take everything on with a pen and pad, I seek out as much feedback as I can get and each time my music will get better.

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