#nzgirlhacks: How To Make The Perfect Platter!

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The party season is upon us! What better way to feed your guests than beautiful food platters 😋

nzgirl got the insider’s tips and tricks from Celebrate‘s Amanda Vela on how to make a great food platter and her favourite food pairings.



Decadent, over the top, outrageous platters served on slabs of marble.
A CELEBRATE platter is perfect for any celebration, whether that’s one of life’s great milestones or simply getting everyone together on a Friday night!

I started CELEBRATE because…

I have always loved any excuse to celebrate in a generous and over-the top-way. I would make these platters for friends who were coming over to hang out and they were always blown away by what I had created. I remember I put up a photo of one of my platters on my Instagram Story and the response was ridiculous! I had people messaging immediately asking if I was taking orders.

I realised there was definitely a gap in the market for my aesthetic. A CELEBRATE platter is at the luxe end of the scale. It is organised chaos in a visually delightful way.


What makes a great platter?

A great platter, like a CELEBRATE platter, incorporates premium ingredients, beautiful homemade elements, pops of colour, lots of texture and of course a few decadent surprises.

Each platter is carefully planned with an eye for detail and colour to provide absolute maximum impact.

My favourite food pairings are…

Incredible wedges of creamy blue cheese paired with homemade salted caramel walnuts… Insane.


The most memorable platter I’ve ever created was…

The one I first posted on my Instagram that made me think I could actually create this business! It blows me away when I think back to that particular celebration and where it has taken me since!

CELEBRATE platters are different because…

They’re totally over the top visually and the quality and combination of flavours are amazing. People can’t help but say ‘WOW’ when they see the platters – and then they can’t help but stand next to them all night once they’ve tried them!

Aren’t the CELEBRATE platters absolutely gorgeous?! Thank you so much to Amanda for teaching us how to make the perfect platter 💖

Check out CELEBRATE platters and get your own here.


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