#nzgirlhacks: 5 Home Improvement Hacks to Make Your Home Happier

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Is your home inviting? Better yet, do you feel like it’s a great place for you to unwind after a long day at work or have your friends over for dinner? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! There are various projects, both small and large that you can easily take on to make your home more memorable as well as match your own personal style.

Below are five home improvement ideas that will help make your home happier.

1. Design tricks

Especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment, use design and color tricks to help elude to more space. Whether you paint a wall with an accent color or display a fun piece of art against the furthest wall from your front door, it can help pull people into your home and invite them to stay longer.

This tip also means using your space wisely. Make sure your furniture is easily navigable and has enough space for seating. This could also be a good time to rearrange your furniture and switch up your living room and bedroom, to give you something fresh and new in your home without having to buy anything.

2. Declutter

Clutter in the house, whether that’s a dirty kitchen or a living room full of stacked books can add stress into your life. Invest in a bookshelf or if you’re tight on space, show your books off in a decorative way, such as wall shelving or in baskets at the foot of the couch.

As for paperwork, invest in storage bins, filing cabinets, etc. that can safely hold on to financial records as well as your kid’s art projects.

3. Increase Lighting

According to a recent study by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois, increasing natural lighting can lead to feelings of happiness, peace, and productivity. So buy floor and table lamps or replace your small windows for larger windows that can help bring in sunlight. Adding interior glass doors into your home is a great way to separate more important rooms in your home, such as the living room or dining room, as well as bring in more lighting into your home.

4. Personalisation and Plants

Plants are a great way to add colour, beauty, and life to a room. You can use larger plants as a nice side piece to your furniture or place in the corners of your living space. Consider placing medium sized plants on a bench or window ledge to make a statement in your home. Talk with your local florist to see what plant would work best with your lifestyle and in your home. Plus, the addition of plants or florals can add a nice scent to put you in a better mood.

In addition, be sure to add in personal pictures of family and friends in your living room and bedroom. Frame pictures of a fun trip you took or a picture of a happy time in your life. Placing these pictures in your home will help boost your mood and the mood of your home.

5. Spice Up Your Walls With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to add design and texture to your walls. Certain types of wallpaper (foil wallpaper) can also brighten up a room, so don’t disregard it just because it’s dated.

When looking to install wallpaper, first figure how much you’ll need before you buy the wallpaper. That way you don’t risk getting a lot of leftover paper and this can help if you’re looking for wallpaper on sale. Prep your walls by sanding them down so you can lay your wallpaper on a smooth surface. When adding wallpaper, be sure to brush the paper in order to smooth it and remove the bubbles. The finished result will easily add in more design and help improve your mood and the mood of your home.


Keep these five home improvement ideas in mind that will make your home happier and more welcoming!



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