#nzgirlhacks: 5 Epic DIY Hacks to Beautify Your Home

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For centuries, a home has been an extension of us as an individual or of our family as a whole. When we invite a guest into our home, we want the style and layout of our home to tell a story to our guests or to promote our social status. Because of these reasons, a home improvement can be a form of self-improvement and self-promotion. While DIY is part of any Kiwi’s DNA, it can be expensive and complicated. Luckily, I have gathered some easy, non-expensive do-it-yourself projects to increase the style and intrigue of your home.

1. Homemade Soap Dispenser

Your bathroom is one of the main rooms in your home that will be seen and used by your guests. Your guests will judge your cleanliness and style based on your bathroom decor. One way to ensure style and cleanliness is with homemade soap dispenser. Adding a bit of country to your bathroom, take a mason jar, drill a hole in the steel lid, slide in a pump from an old soap or lotion bottle, and fill the jar with liquid hand soap. You can then decorate the jar with ribbons around the lid, stickers on the jar, or even trace designs in hot glue then sprinkle on some glitter or confetti.

2. Organise Your Bathroom Cabinet

If you’re like most people, your bathroom cabinet is one of the most unkempt hide-away places in your home. A creative way to organise your medicine cabinet is to take everything out, throw away unnecessary items, and give your shelves a good cleaning. Slide in tiny baskets and store your medicine tubes in them. If your medicine cabinet has a metal back, buy some powerful magnets, hot glue colourful fabric to them and then stick them on the back of your cabinet. These magnets will be able to hold your metal items such as nail clippers and bobby pins.


3. Retiling Your Floor or Walls In Coins

When deciding to redesign the floors in your home, it is always a balance of cost and quality. But what if you could literally decorate your floor with money? One trend that has been gaining traction is the use of pennies as a type of flooring material. Glue, wood filler, grout, and pennies would be all you would need to completely change an ordinary room into something opulent and stunning.

3. Instal A Bar

There is no home improvement as timeless or as entertaining as a bar. A bar is the perfect home interior piece that will add safety and comfort to your social gatherings. Done properly, a home bar can also add style, glamour, and even modern decadence to a plain room. There are designs are available online (just look on Pinterest!!). You will have no trouble finding a design that fits your home and your budget.

4. Under The Stairs Reading Nook

If there’s a bookworm in your family, this project is sure to be a chic treat. Take that boring or unused space under your staircase and turn it into a reading nook. There are many different styles and sizes of reading nooks to fit the layout of your home. Just be careful not to tear down a load-bearing wall or tear into the electrical wiring. Also, ensure that any drastic home improvements won’t void your home warranty before you begin construction.


These are just five simple DIY home beautification projects that promise to satisfy your creative side and not drain your wallet. Many more homemade decor ideas await you out there, so don’t stop crafting until your home is a perfect reflection of your unique personality.




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