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We love bloggers here at nzgirlFrom the recipes you share, to the tutorials you post and the fashion trends you set we believe you’re the influencers when it comes to deciding what’s hot in today’s online world. 

Over the last four years we’ve evolved into a social magazine curating the best pieces of content shared by NZ bloggers and influencers.

We’ve been the launch pad for bloggers like This Is Meagan Kerr, High Tea With Dragons and Gurl Interrupted to gain exposure and grow their followings.

Want to know how YOU can get in on the party?

It’s quite easy really – we have teamed up with the content creation platform to make it quick and easy to publish content to nzgirl. Simply login (with your nzgirl account) and you will have access to a number of article templates (including recipeslonger blog posts & galleries) allowing you to easily create beautiful blog posts.

You can then submit your blog posts to be published on nzgirl. We curate the best bits and amplify these to our audience via our home page, newsletter and social media accounts. With over 50k unique visitors a month, this is a great way to increase your exposure.

One thing to note, not all content will make it onto nzgirl all the time and it may take a couple of hours for your post to go live as one of our team will need to approve it first. Make sure you read our editorial guidelines here.

Over on there is also a growing community of approved bloggers. The Bloggers Club team work with these bloggers to help make their blogging career a full time paid revenue. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, find out more information here.

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