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Reader favourite: Hot Yoga


Unfortunately for me I’m one of those gals blessed with a complete lack of sports skill.  I kid you not, I cannot catch, kick, hit, throw or run… 

While searching for a form of exercise that was kind to those who are sports challenged and hate to exercise I met and fell in love with hot yoga.  

I find most people don’t like the idea of the heat and I admit I was nervous myself!  But I also love a challenge…

I found the first class really hard but the fact that I actually managed to get through it made me want to go back for more.  I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the class.  I also lost weight and toned up surprisingly quickly from going several times a week.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before. The teacher will lead you through every move and you can take a break at any time throughout the session.

I highly recommend giving it a go.  

Be prepared to sweat, wear as little as possible while retaining some modesty and make sure you drink lots of water before class. 

Fave tip: I half fill my water bottle and then put it in the freezer the night before.  Before class I top it up with fresh cold water.  The ice melts throughout the class so you have nice ice cold water despite the heat 🙂

There are currently hot yoga studios in Ponsonby, Newmarket, Glenfield and Botany.  Just Google Hot Yoga Auckland.

Go find your inner Yogini!

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