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Reader favourite: DIY Storage


I am always looking for smart storage solutions that I can DIY. I love arts and crafts so I always have bits and pieces lying around waiting to be lost and I get so furious when I can’t find things.

I think I have found the solution to my problems. Check this out. This is such a simple but fantastic idea! Perfect for the home office or sewing room or even for storage in the shed or garage! It will keep the clutter of the surface of your workspace too. I am really excited by this, I can’t wait to try it out.

While on the subject of storage and making life a little bit easier check out some of these other awesome storage and organising solutions here (And might I say what an awesome website), here, here and here. I think these storage containers are also an awesome idea with the chalkboard on the front so you can change whats in them as you please and you won’t mistake salt for sugar, which is a bonus!

I can’t wait to get organising this weekend. I will definately be updating my blog on how it goes!


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