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Reader favourite: Cupcake soaps

cupcake soap

I saw some beautiful soap cupcakes in Stevens in Auckland, and I thought, how hard can it be? It turns out that there are alot of sites and YouTube videos detailing how to make them. Some sites make them from scratch, others use premade soap and other easy to find ingredients.

The eHow website details how to make them from ivory soap, oatmeal, gycerin, olive oil etc and is a great entry level way of making these soaps.

You can buy soap making ingredients online, and also from places like Spotlight. If you make it from scratch, it’s good to do this while the kids are at their grandparents or at school, as the lye is dangerous around small children. Duffins Soap Bakery has a great step by step tutorial, and has instructiosn for making other soaps too.

You can even use the same techniques for making cupcake bathbombs, The Soap Queen has step by step instructions and photos for making these.

The Soap Queen also posts videos for making clay masks, embedding toys in soap etc.

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