What’s On: Wanderlust Festival

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Whats On: Wanderlust Festival

For the first time ever, us lucky kiwis have the world renowned Wanderlust Festival coming to New Zealand!

What exactly is Wanderlust you ask? It’s hard for me to describe it as I’m so excited about it coming to New Zealand that I could write a four page rant about it. Wanderlust is basically a festival celebrating all things wonderful like food, music, art, yoga and wellbeing.  Wanderlust is on a mission to “create community around mindful living” – in other words, everyone living a happy and healthy life.  In the past Wanderlust has been partying it up all through the U.S and Canada but have recently branched out to bring their festival to Chile, Australia and to here in NZ.

When and Where?

Lakeside Park, Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand – March 23, 2014

What can you expect from Wanderlust in The City? The festival day in Auckland has been described as “early morning meditations, musical performances, grabbing a quick snack from one of our local & organic food vendors, and then hopping into yoga class… in a stunning outdoor classroom.” In the evening WINEderlust will open up, offering wine tasting and a big dance party afterwards.  And if this isn’t enough to grab your attention perhaps the line-up will do the trick…

·         International emerging star and New Zealand’s own Ladi6 will be taking the stage to perform a whole lot of new hits off of her 2013 album as well as a few of her classics (her new hit being Wanderlust’s theme song for their video.)

·         Nutritionist, bestselling author and speaker Dr Libby will be taking part at Wanderlust’s speakeasy – sharing her knowledge of wellbeing her mission being to “educate and inspire people, improving their health and happiness.  Dr Libby wrote the delicious yet healthy bestseller cook book “Real Food Chef”.

·         The amazing yoga couple and founders of YogaBeyond Claudine and Honza Lafond will be teaching and instructing festival-goers all about AcroYoga. If you follow their Instagram you will see them travelling the world doing what they love (yoga) – what they can do will blow you away!!

·         Other people to look out for include Eoin Finn, Cameron Shayne, Amy Ippoliti, Duncan Peak, Deryn French, Connie Causa, Darren Ellis, Nikki Ralston, Aroha, Erin O’Hara, Jed and Hera, Rebecca Davison and Yoga Rhythms

If one of your New Years Resolutions was to get more in touch with yourself, live healthily or try something new – then get ready to be excited as Wanderlust is also bringing us their awesome yoga and meditation programme. Through this programme they create a roster throughout the day giving us the chance to study with biggest personalities in yoga and meditation around the world. Here you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade, able to immerse yourself in all sorts of styles of yoga from vinyasa , AcroYoga, and budokan.

The best news of all – Wanderlust is basically a FREE EVENT. So if Wanderlust sounds like a bit of you, be sure to visit their website and either sign up for a free registration (free entry to main stage lectures and yoga classes, look around the marketplace and try some of the organic local food,  and at night -wine tasting and a dance party!)  Just be sure to sign up soon as classes can fill up pretty quickly!


If you’re looking for a little bit more, Wanderlust is also offering premium tickets which come with two premium classes in the Mothership tent, 1 AcroYoga, hula hooping or anti-gravity yoga class and MUCH more.

This is an event not to be missed! Head along to http://akl.wanderlustfestival.com/ now and sign up! You wont regret it.

See you there!

Ella x x

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