V-Day Survival Guide

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V-Day Survival Guide: How to be single and happy

V-Day Survival Guide: To the best V-Day yet

 Unfortunately, if you’re single, it’s come to that time again – couples acting extra attracted to each other, expensive flower arrangements, almost too-cute selfies, mushy statuses and cheesy cards full of hearts. But you know, there’s no better match than dating yourself this Valentine’s Day, and to help you along with the process, I’ve come up with a V-Day Survival Guide so fun that you’ll no longer need to rely on a man this 14th of February. 


 V- Day Survival Guide Guidelines:

 You must be single to join; anyone who is in a relationship will be disqualified. If I even see a squint of tears you will no longer be able to participate. I order you to dance yourself silly and eat as much chocolate as you like. This particular V-Day Survival Guide will run from the 14th of February till midnight, anyone who breaches these rules will not enjoy their V-Day, and nobody wants that. So let’s get started:

·        Turn your devices off – this may not be the most fun idea but at least it will save you from all the statuses, selfies, tears and texts from your friends saying how romantic their day was.


·        Treat yourself – You’re supposed to love something this V-Day, so why not show the appreciation and love of yourself by stuffing your face with ice cream and chocolate while dancing to your favourite song. We all need to do this regardless of what day it is. Go on… I know you want to!


·        DVD party – In need of a laugh? Invite yourself to a movie date in the comfort of your own home and dig out all the comedies. Promise me to avoid any rom-coms (you’ll thank me for it.) If you don’t own a DVD player, why not watch vines!


·        Care package – show yourself some love by painting your nails, decorating your face with mud mask, reading a magazine, and better yet, make a package for one of your single friends – she will love you for it!


·        Single and ready to mingle? – Create a small get together with your girlfriends and invite some single lads – you never know what could happen!


·        Therapy – write yourself a love letter and make a list of all the things you love about yourself. It’s important to love yourself before you love others, and why not find out what your strengths are!


·        Bath time – find all your old candles and place them around the perimeter of the bath. Then fill your bath with warm water and bubbles and bring your favourite beverage to the bath. Relax!


·        Go shopping – we all love to shop. It’s a love kind of day right? So why not treat yourself to a new outfit and feel even better for V-Day!


·        Embrace being single – sometimes relationships can be a drag and at times dysfunctional. So there are already a few reasons why being single is awesome. You make the decisions, you have your own freedom and YOU get to enjoy yourself.


·        Take away please – If you don’t want to cook dinner then why not pop into your favourite take away store or pizza place, or better yet, get the food delivered right to your door!


·        Ignore the day altogether – It’s Valentine’s Day. Yes, one day out of our busy lives, big deal. Just because other people are celebrating this day, doesn’t mean you have to. Carry on as normal: Go to work, eat your lunch, do whatever you do best. I’m sure you can survive 24 hours!


·        Dance to single ladies by Beyonce – let your hair down “now put your hands up!”


Enjoy this day and let it be about you. And hey, all the chocolates go on sale the next day. Score!

 (photo by Cosmopolitan)


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