Tried & Tested: Libra Hotties Heat Patches

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It’s a particularly apt time for me to be writing a review of the pretty-darn-exciting new product to market for Libra “Hotties” Heat Patches.

I’ve just had my first Endometriosis removal operation. At just shy of 35 years old, it has taken 20 years for me to get diagnosed and under the knife. If you’re a fellow sufferer you’ll know the various stages you go through with this disease and I’ve been in a holding pattern of “it’s all in my head” for a long while now. It’s nice to finally move past that one.

I have quite advanced Endo. Or as the surgeon put it to me, “you’ve been particularly talented at growing disease”. Well I do like to be a high achiever. But in all seriousness, the disease has been having a merry old time inside me attaching itself to pretty much all of my organs and now after the Bowel Resection surgery I can finally relax (yeah, right) knowing that a pain-free future is ahead of me.


Here’s me straight after the op (spot the Libra Hottie on my shoulder) and me a month later feeling back to normal. Hotties were a life safer during recovery.

Pre-surgery ‘that time of the month’ was approached with trepidation and fear. Not knowing ‘when’ exactly it would strike and the likely possibility that someone (and not always someone that I knew that well…or at all) would need to scoop me up and deliver me home. It would not be unusual to find me in the fetal position on the bathroom floor or possibly even in the car park next to my car – not having actually made it to my destination.

Vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, heart palpitations and fever inducing pain – all part of the TMI, but essential description for those of you fortunate enough to avoid this disease to understand the level of pain we’re talking here. Horses would cark it consuming the quantities of drugs I shoveled down my throat every 3-5 weeks to try and climb what I called “Pain Mountain”. Once on top, the view was mighty pretty (as it should be with that many narcotics on board), but the ability to function was pretty minimal; “should not operate heavy machinery” could have perhaps done with being altered to “should not operate anything other than eyelids”.

My other faithful companion on my journey to the top of the mountain has always been heat. Can’t get enough of it. In and out of the bath constantly for 8 hours – my toes would get awfully pruny (minor detail). My hot water bottle would go everywhere with me. It would not be unusual for me to be in a meeting with perfect strangers clutching it under the table. Trust me when I say that explaining your ‘situation’ to people who don’t know you, are usually male and utterly embarrassed is not something I would highly recommend.

Enter the lifesaver. Libra’s new invention, “Hotties”. Lisa, our GM at nzgirl, jumped at nominating me for a trial run of these and I thank her for doing so. On the back of watching a news report last night on the dangers of wheat bags, and the constant issue I’ve had with finding hot water when I need it to keep my bottle useful – these are a very well-timed product to market.


Two patches per packet, simply whip one out and it starts heating up as soon as you tear the foil. Remove the sticky tape and adhere it to your body. GENIUS. I can wear it on my person without anyone knowing! No more fluffy blue bottle – this discretely hides under my clothes and for 5 hours does its job of keeping whatever areas warm.

So why heat? Well, I can now officially tell you that the reason I crave heat is that heat therapy accelerates blood circulation and stimulates blood cells, relaxing tight, sore and aching muscles. Your uterus is one big old muscle trying to shed blood – so that makes total sense.

And you know what, it’s usefulness doesn’t end there! Obviously the Hotties sit nicely in Libra’s stable of ‘downstairs’ products, but also as I’ve sat here typing this blog, I’ve had one attached to my neck and it’s now feeling much looser and less stiff than it was when I woke this morning.

Retailing at $4.99 I’d have to say that I’d pay pretty much whatever sum they choose to put on these mini lifesavers. On shelves now from most Countdown, New World and Pak ‘N Save stores – make sure you stock up on some to keep on hand!



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