Top 10 Beauty Hacks That Should Be a Part of Your Routine

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Life hacks riddle the internet. From hair hacks to skin hacks to overall life hacks, the reasoning behind them is simple but effective. When you seek out a hack, what you’re actually getting is a tip. These tips can be huge or small but one thing is for certain – they’re there to help make your life easier. By implementing at least a few of the following tips into your daily routine, you’ll cut down on a lot of hassle and look good doing it.

1. Keep Your Tools At Arm’s Reach

Be sure to have makeup remover next to your bed at all times, just in case you forget to remove your makeup in the bathroom before going to sleep. By doing so, you will ensure that your makeup always gets removed before you go to bed, rather than making room for you to make an excuse that the bathroom is too far away and one night won’t hurt. Makeup can clog the pores and create blackheads or zits, which is much more difficult of a problem to deal with in the long run.

2. Quick Cheek Color

When you would rather not bother with the whole nine yards included in an ultra glamorous makeup routine, simply add a touch of color to your cheeks using a tiny bit of lipstick. Apply the lipstick to your cheeks and buff it around until it is barely noticeable against your natural color.

3. Fast Dry

>Moisturizer taking too long to dry before applying the rest of your makeup? Use a blow dryer to speed things up. Just be sure to have it switched on the cool setting so you don’t overheat yourself.

4. Some Contouring Tips

Contouring is not for everyone but once you get it down, it can dramatically enhance your features. As a rule of thumb, always go with a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your skin color.

5. Inner Eye Line

For an added pop that really creates a dramatic look, add eyeliner to the inner lower lid of your eye. This lower lid is also referred to as the “waterline” so watch out for getting any excessive flakes stuck in your tear duct.

6. Using What You Got

Should you run out of eyeliner and don’t have time to run to the store, no sweat. Simply borrow some of the liquid stuck to the stick of your mascara using a tiny brush. As long as you have a good sense of creating straight lines, this should work perfectly for most people.

7. Lengthen Your Blowout

Tired of having to redo your blowout all the time? Make it last a day longer by pinning your hair into a rolled up and looped bun before going to bed. This will ensure your blowout stays in nearly perfect condition much longer.

8. Hidden Manicure

If your manicure is starting to grow a little out of hand (excuse the pun), try distracting the eye using glitter in an ombre effect. Start from the root of the nail upwards. This is perfect for hiding any chipped or overgrown manicured nails until you can get to your next appointment.

9. Loose Twist

To achieve a quick and cute look, twist your hair into a loose, low bun by securing it with a clip. Perfect for those times you need to quickly put your hair up, don’t want to go with the typical ponytail, and still achieve a fabulous do while performing a hard task. An awesome look which you can also do with any quality flat irons if you in a hurry, since wavy hair looks fantastic with this style.

10. Magic of Powder

Baby powder has so many uses! When it comes to how it can be used, everything from absorbing smells to liquids is the perfect solution for this diverse and inexpensive powder. For those days where you’re in a hurry to get somewhere and can’t clean your hair until you return, run just a bit through your fingers and along your bangs to soak up excess oils.

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