The Blogcademy, London 2013

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…. my two days with nzgirl extraordinaire Gala Darling

Virtual hands up who reads NYC based kiwi girl Gala Darlings blog?  I’m imagining quite a few of you.

Gala is the reason I got my nzgirl A into G and started up my blog Doll Face a couple of years ago, after a friend quizzed me and asked me had I heard of this NZ phenomenon.

Fast forward to 2011, where I also became a regular reader of Gala’s two friends, Shauna Haider and Kat Williams, two more superwomen from the blogosphere and next thing I know, these three powerhouses had joined forces and started a blogging school by the name of The Blogcademy.

They launched their first class in NYC with 30 bloggers attending and writing rave reviews on their websites.  An announcement was made soon after, that class number two would be coming to a city somewhere in the world, but where!?

I just knew in my heart it HAD to be London.  My heart was right.  As the clocked ticked over to 12 pm on the day of the big reveal, and the website confirmed it was indeed being held in London I felt like I was competing in the Olympics for sprinting as I knew the course would sell out pronto.  I booked as quickly as my fingers could type.  Within 24 hours the London class had sold out and they had to create a second London course, due to popularity.  It was then just a waiting game until January 19, the first day of the course.

With a private Facebook group full of the NYC graduates and the London undergrad’s, this helped to suffice and also allowed us to all connect prior to the course, with a few of us even organising a little pre-meet at one of my favourite London hangouts, sketch.

Before I knew it, January 19 arrived as I was entering the venue for my first day of Blogcademy learning.

The two day course ran from 10 to 6 and covered everything from the aesthetics of our blog’s to turning them into a money making business.  We learnt all manner of interesting secrets, took plenty of photos as blogger’s are guilty of doing, ate delicious cupcakes, networked and just had a laugh with 30 like minded individuals.

My notebook is now my blogging bible as I wade through the notes I took down and my brain is a constant swirl of planning and scheming to improve Doll Face.

Gala, Kat and Shauna are three books of incredible blogging knowledge, where you find yourself hanging on their every word despite them all donning bunny ears and an overdose of sequins.  Yes, bunny ears and sequins – completely normal accessories in the blogging world.

Fingers crossed that one day in the near future The Blogcademy will whisk its way to the shores of NZ and some of you can experience an unforgettable weekend of knowledge and new friends as I did.  Oh and did I mention there’s a goody bag? :o)

Photo credit of class photo: Shell de Mar via gala darling

Full photo report coming soon on Doll Face

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