Our favourite: Xoë Hall’s Favourite Things

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Meet Xoë Hall – talented New Zealand artist, muralist, entrepreneur, clothing designer and bedazzler extraordinaire.

Now 25, Xoë started working as a full time artist when she was 18. She has explored many different styles and mediums in her art over the years, from curvy and provocative pop babes, to cowboy boots and leather, idols and glitter and pop surrealism to name a few.

In recent years Xoë’s been making a name for herself as one of Wellington’s most prolific artists, thanks in part to her pop art-style murals quickly taking over the streets and outdoor cafes of the capital splashing the city in colour and breathing new life to concrete walls.

And this year?

“2012 is going to be a bit of a mystery,” says Xoë.

Among the madness of her numerous projects, she and Dave Smith have just closed their iconic Wellington Cuba Street gallery, Manky Chops, where they have curated nearly 50 shows and hosted many a great open night party.

Xoë describes the Manky Chops Era as some of the best years of her life.

“Dave and I started Manky Chops so artists of an underground nature like myself could have a place to show our work and create.

“What started as a modest dream, ended up the home of underground arts in New Zealand, showcasing the finest emerging and established underground New Zealand arts”.

But if you missed out the first time round, you still have a chance! They will continue to host more shows for Manky Chops every few months at different venues.

Meanwhile, with three solo exhibitions and numerous group shows in Wellington and in Auckland under her belt, Xoë’s now working hard on an exciting upcoming new solo exhibition and new clothing label.

“I must keep my Gemini brain motivated!” she says.

One of Xoë’s side projects, Mortal Gods, sees her making handpainted patches for jackets and tshirts; revamping, bedazzling and punking out jackets, shoes and accessories and giving them new life.

“The bedazzling has proven to be very popular, me and my friends bedazzle everything we can”, says Xoë.

“I’m an op shop addict, so when I’m out hunting for one-off treasures for my wardrobe and collection of awesome things, I am also grabbing things for Mortal Gods”.

Xoë will be also releasing the first collection of tshirts under her new clothing label, Xoë Hall. Her upcoming solo exhibition, “The Pop Rebellion”, is due to open on her birthday in May.

“The Pop Rebellion will showcase Rebel Babes, idols and dreamers immortalised on canvas, paint and a dash of glitter”.

Xoë’s main source of income as an artist is painting murals in her trademark style for Wellington businesses. Her art now graces bars and buildings as diverse as The Ave, Fringe Bar, Bar Bodega, the Porirua Railway Station and a bus stop on Aro Street.

“I am very lucky to be doing this kind of work and making a living out of it”, she says.

“So huge respect to the street artists out beautifying our world out of their own pockets on their own time”.

Xoë Hall’s Favourite Things

  • EAT: I love fresh strawberries, and I love chocolate, but I mix them together for the ultimate taste sensation.
  • BUY: Always on the hunt for one-off vintage, retro, rock, punk and glam clothes, shoes and collectables to add to my eccentric collection.
  • KNOW: I made this one up myself, and use it all the time with most things in life like art or eating etc “Preparation is the key to satisfaction”
  • ENTERTAIN: I dont watch TV, it rots the brain.  I read and look at books about my favourite people, fashion and music eras.  I learn a lot and get inspired.  Oh and I LOVE a good horror movie! Especially when zombies are involved!
  • PEOPLE: My family are a bunch of beautiful creatures, all with their own talents and stories to tell, they keep me sane-ish. And all my idols that I have fallen in love with over the years, Bowie, Elvis, Gaga, Vivienne Westwood and Jim Morrision to name a few, but they keep me inspired.
  • PLACES: My sunny home on the Kapiti coast, and Wellington’s iconic Cuba St, my second home, I love the faces and the talent there.

Xoë‘s website xoehall.com is under construction, but you can find her on facebook.com/xoe.hall.of.fame or search ‘Xoe Hall Artist’.

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