Our favourite: Treasure Yourself

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After a weekend full of rugby excitement, nothing was more welcome than taking some time out to curl up with a fantastic book, and a delicious cup of tea!

The book I’m talking about is written by none other than International Supermodel and Victoria’s Secrets Angel, Miranda Kerr, entitled Treasure Yourself. To be honest, before tearing into this book I really didn’t know too much about Miranda other than she is a new mum, and she happens to be married to Orlando Bloom – but after a friend had read this book, and hearing her insist that it truly was the most amazing thing ever I had to check it out for myself.  My friend was absolutely right, this book is a really incredible read that I wholeheartedly recommend.  It turns out that my friend and myself am not the only ones singing this book’s praises, Kim Crossman (ex-Shortie St star) now living and working in Hollywood is known to gift this book to fellow celebs like Selena Gomez after interviews!  …It must be good, right?!

In Treasure Yourself, Miranda shares with the readers her own personal journey in which she speaks very openly and honestly about her ups and her downs, as well as offering sound advice on how to overcome everything that life throws our way – family, friends, loves, our career, etc.  Without giving too much away, trust me, this book is an amazing read for yourself, or to gift to family and friends this coming holiday season!

You can purchase the book online here!

Photo credit: Kimberley Crossman

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