Our favourite: Soho Park, NYC

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After a day of shopping up a storm in Soho, battling 35c heat, my sister and I wanted somewhere to enjoy a) air con b) something cool to drink and c) french fries.

We asked the shop assistant at Club Monaco where to go for the best fries in Soho and she pointed us towards Soho Park; an “airy garage-garden” bar/burger joint and she was on the money. It was worth the non-air-conditioned stroll around the block to get there for our:

Soho Park Iced Tea with Berry Puree and Mint
Hand-cut Belgian Fries with Basil Mayo, Ketchup and Aioli

NB: Just don’t go to the bathrooms.

Soho Park
62 Prince St (Lafayette)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-2129
Subway: Prince St N,R

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