Our favourite: Breasts

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Breasts, Boobs, Titties, Ladies, Jugs, Cannons, Tits, Knockers, Hooters, Bon Bons, Melons, Cans, Beacons, Fun Bags, Maumaus, Bee Stings, Poms Poms, Mountains, Twins, Pimples, Missiles, Twin Peaks, Mammaries, Puppies, Rack, Bazookas… Lovely Pairs!

Call them what you like – there’s no doubting, every set of boobs is unique!

Boobs matter to everyone – they feed our confidence and femininity, they feed our sexuality and desire and they literally feed our children. Breast health is important too – we all know someone affected by breast cancer – and yet despite all of this breasts are still TABOO!

Which is why we want to celebrate them on nzgirl – with our “I’ve got a lovely pair” campaign. We want to celebrate all of the “lovely pairs” of New Zealand and create “OUR FAVOURITE: BREASTS”, a montage of nzgirls’ breasts. For every 50 sets of boobs uploaded, we’ll donate $1000* to breast cancer research.

The beauty of it is that in the nzgirl way, YOUR involvement can be in any shape/form you feel comfortable – whether you upload a shot of your naked breasts, your breasts in your favourite bra/dress/bikini or something more creative that best represents your favourite aspect of your boobs – and unless you include your face in the photo/sign your name in the comments field, it’s completely anonymous.

So what are you waiting for – it’s time to get your “tits out for the girls” and get uploading by clicking here! Then don’t forget to click here to check out the other lovely pairs, beautiful boobs and pretty titties already uploaded.

*Participation whether by uploading a submission, commenting on, sharing via Social Media or viewing the nzgirl “Our favourite: Breasts” campaign implies consent to the following terms and conditions. To view full terms and conditions please click here.

Update: Tuesday 7th December 2010. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation have requested we clarify any reader confusion and state that the ‘lovely pair’ campaign is in no way supported or endorsed by The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

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