nzgirl Four Week Challenge: Week Four

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Time for a team huddle ladies…First of all congratulations on making it to the end of the nzgirl Four Week Summer Challenge! Hopefully this has been a healthy start in the right direction for you and has shown you how easy it is to make a start and integrate healthy eating and exercise into your life.

So with that in mind, let’s kick this last week in the proverbial and make a sprint to home base! We’ve said it before, the key to getting in shape is increase cardio, increase metabolism and increase intensity. So how about we put it all together for this last week and we promise you will be amazed at what you’ll achieve. Hit that cardio like you never hit it before, do your toning exercises as hard as you can, or try the advanced. And really really reeeeaaaalllly try and eat as good as possible!

Now don’t take this final program as the ‘finale’ but as a start to the storage bank of exercise ideas that work for you. Use this program from Genesis as a guide for your future exercise plans and swap in other exercises to suit you.

  • READ YOUR FOOD LABELS. From fruit juices to seven-grain bread, it’s easy to think your food choices are healthier than they really are. When you do the shopping, take the time to read the labels to find out exactly what is in them (especially packaged food!) as you would be surprised the amount of hidden nasties there are in our food. Don’t just assume a product is healthy, even if it’s in the health food section of the supermarket and whenever possible eat whole, fresh, unprocessed foods..
  • WEIGHT TRAINING IS KEY. One kg of muscle burns 13 calories a day doing nothing, compared to one kg of body fat which burns four calories a day. We’re not telling you to turn into Arnie, but cardio burns muscle as well as fat, which will increase your body’s ability to burn fat stores when you’re not exercising. So when planning your workout progam for the New Year, make sure your cardio training is mixed with circuit style weight training, like the toning exercises in this program. And don’t worry, you won’t bulk up, you don’t have the testosterone levels to achieve it..
  • WE’VE SAID IT BEFORE, BUT ONE MORE TIME…Drink more water.  If you can swallow a bit more, you can burn extra fat. In a study published in the journal Metabolism, subjects who are hyper hydrated experienced greater burning of stored fat. Water helps mobilize fat stores, while dehydration prompts stubborn fat to sit tight. Best guide is to drink 1 glass of water per 5kgs of body weight..

The Side Bridge Single Leg Raise

This is one of my favourite exercises because it works my abs, glutes and thighs all in one exercise. It isn’t the easiest exercise when you first do it but it’s one that will get you results!

Do it Right: Lie on one side with your elbow directly beneath your shoulder and legs stacked. Lift your hips off the floor using your elbow and knee to balance. Lift your leg as high as high as possible and you should feel the burn. Go continuous for a minute if possible and reap the benefits.

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