Does Karl Urban Make You Tingle?

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The majority of kiwi women would tell you that local boy turned hunk acting export Karl Urban is hot right? But did you know that the former Shortland Streeter has legions of dedicated fans worldwide whose level of obsession would rival the fans of say Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

A brilliant new local comedy show by the hilarious Miss La Vida opens next week in Auckland and promises to reveal the amusing, sweet and slightly insane level of fandom that exists for our very own Karl Urban (not to be confused with Keith Urban, who is only attractive to Nicole Kidman).  The title alone ‘Karl Urban Makes My Lady Parts Tingle’ had me giggling so I was delighted to get to preview the show and have a chat with burlesque maven and rising comedy star Miss La Vida.

So where did that amusing title come from?  “It literally just popped up into my head one day and I thought that would be the perfect title for a comedy show.” enthuses Miss La Vida.  “Karl doesn’t have an official website, but there are so many fan pages dedicated to him.  I started trawling through them and all the material for the show was there.  What really shocked me was this guy from little old New Zealand had so many fans and they’ve created all kinds of fan art, fan videos and fan fiction.  It’s amazing, somewhat disturbing and some of it’s rather risqué, so I just had to share it during the show.”

But what started off as a one woman comedy show took on a whole new life late last year when Miss La Vida put together a ukulele group as a hobby. The group started writing songs about Karl Urban and now the whole group, The Nudey Ukes, have become part of the show as well, their obsession with Karl growing as a result.  “The Nudey Ukes are the hard-core fans, I would call them professional fans, they know a lot about Karl,” adds Miss La Vida. “I thought about stalking him but to be honest I just couldn’t be bothered and I didn’t want a criminal record.  I just love his face, well and he’s a good actor, but that face!”

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So how does she think Karl’s fans will feel about the show?  “It’s meant for everyone, not just for Karl Urban fans, you don’t even have to like Karl Urban to enjoy the show. I’m not trying to pick on anyone, it’s more about having a laugh at our oversharing culture and obsession with celebrity which I think everyone can relate to on some level.  How people’s obsessions play out is quite fascinating really, especially the fan fiction, because you’re reading what people’s fantasies are, it’s quite intimate. Some of its quite raunchy stuff, which fits in well with the burlesque element I’ve added to the show too.”

Auckland being the small town it is you can’t help but wonder if Karl himself has gotten wind of the show.  Miss La Vida’s attempts to contact him through his agent didn’t get much of a response but she is still kind of hoping he’ll turn up out of curiosity.  Although I can imagine it might be somewhat intimidating to have to perform the show to the man himself.  “I think I’d probably throw up before hand and end up changing half the jokes,” adds Miss La Vida. “But I think he’d enjoy himself, and hopefully not have me locked up!”

I have to say I absolutely adored the hilarious preview I got to see and can’t wait to see the final version on stage next week.   It’s on for just two nights at Auckland’s Musgrove studio so you better be quick to get your tickets here.

And who knows, you may even get to see Karl Urban himself!


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