Cleanse Mind, Cleanse Body – Day 1

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A 7 day Detox for mind and body!

For the past few months i’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga. I stumbled across it really when a friend recommended it was great for focus and concentration, and discipline. I often wonder what we look like when people see us through the Golden Yogi window at the gorgeous Takapuna studio. We’re chanting, holding poses for seemingly ages, and listening to mantra music. But my self consciousness at singing in class and worrying what others will think has dissipated into oblivion as the benefits of this sacred practice. One of the things that i love and loathe about it, is the discipline that it requires. Holding poses while chanting and breathing furiously when all you want to do is fall out of the pose is challenging. But this is what i love about Kundalini. It makes me realise that in my adult life, I have very little discipline. If i don’t like something or feel uncomfortable I drop it, forget about it. It’s all too easy to say no when life gets a little hard. In Kundalini, the act of discipline is empowering, and each class I find i’m able to hold my poses or my breath for just a little bit longer, giving me a ridiculous amount of self pleasure.

Which is why when I learned of Golden Yogi’s 7 day detox plan my instant thought was yes, I’d do it. But also, yes, i’d do it, but without cheating. In the past when i’ve done a “cleanse” or abstained from anything, i’ve cheated a little just because I can. But now I realise we shouldn’t do these things for others or for any external gratification, but for the wellbeing and satisfaction of ourselves.

Interestingly, this cleanse isn’t about calorie counting or restricting the amount you eat necessarily.

It’s about getting to yoga every day for 7 days, drinking green smoothies, juices, salads and soups, and replenishing the body, not starving it. We’re giving it a break from digesting protein, dairy and anything refined or processed.

Our teacher, Erin O’Hara starts the week with an enlightening smoothie workshop, where the most important thing I learn is to keep things simple. Sometimes a banana, spinach, water and a bit of avocado is all you need. Less is more.

I forsee a few challenges for the week – actually getting to yoga each day for 7 days as a working Mum of two littlies could be problematic, but I have a supportive husband so we’ll see what happens.

Coffee. I have this year dramatically cut down my alcohol and sugar/processed foods intake. But my one little daily pleasure I have left is a mid morning Mochaccino. I plan this. Preferably to sip in the sun or with girlfriends. The coffee is not so much of an addiction, more the act of having it.

Discipline with food. I will still be preparing the family meals. Which means no snacking while prepping! Although i’m not restricted with fruit and vge, smoothies, hummus, nuts and bliss balls it would seem so i’m madly prepping a few things to have on hand, which I have to say isn’t to dissimilar to how I like to live/eat anyway.

Cold showers! A prerequisite to the cleanse, after a full body dry brush down in the mornings. Agghh! it’s freezing outside!!

So, here we go. An honest account of a week of an actual detox.


I made it! 6am yoga. Kundalini. 1.5 hours with only a cup of hot water and lemon to see me through. Loved it. It’s freezing today and the rain is relentless, but i’m high on getting there and chanting and holding poses with 10 other yogis.

I take my first morning of supplements designed to help with the cleanse, and make a green smoothie for breakfast (Spinach, banana, avocado and chia seed with water). I’m nervous this won’t sustain me until my green juice at 1030am but it does. Erin says if you think you’ll get a bit hungry, then add in some more soluble fibre, like an avocado or banana. The green juice is pre-made by Erin, it’s divine, and keeps me going until lunchtime.

Lunch is a steamed vege bowl of whatever I have around, plus some nuts and seeds, avo, and a light drizzle of olive oil and lemon. Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day, and a chance to get (1/2 c) of pulses or grains for energy. I’m feeling surprisingly chipper despite being up at 530am.

Afternoon tea is another green juice, It’s freezing today so I also have a few cups of herbal teas throughout the day, and haven’t missed the coffee. Although i’m working from home today.. the real test will be around others and /or a cafe date. I don’t think I drink enough coffee to expect a headache from the detox, but we’ll see..

Dinner is a lovely Vege soup I’ve made with Kumara and chickpeas and spinach. It’s warm and nourishing.

A couple of breathing exercises before bed and I’m feeling pretty light and relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. Sat Nam.

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