Top 5 Exercises to Tone Saggy Arms

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Combat your arm sag with targeted exercises that will tone and shape your upper arm area for a fitter and stronger appearance.

Your arms really draw attention to your overall physique, so use these simple exercises to take you one step closer to a leaner and healthier body…

Tennis is a great exercise to help tone those arms and combat any army sag. A lot of energy goes into getting that damn ball over the net, so this sport will work to increase your upper body strength even combining your arm workout with a bit of a run around.

There are many weights exercises to do, but a good one to try is kickbacks. To do a kickback, simply hold your weights in your hands and bend over parallel to the floor, abs engaged. Bend your elbows and pull them even with your back.
Straighten your arms behind you squeezing your triceps and lower back down.
Close Grip Push Ups
While it’s not the most glamorous of exercises, the push up works to target your triceps where you get the most undesirable arm flab. Simply place your palms on the floor about shoulder distance apart, push your body up with your toes (or knees) keeping as straight as possible. Lower your body back down so you almost touch the ground and repeat keeping your movements slow and steady.

Tricep Dips
Sit on a ball or bench (a chair will do) with your hands right next to your hips. Bring your hips in front of the bench and bring your elbows to no lower than 90 degrees. Push back up without locking your elbows. For beginners, repeat 12-16 times.


Surfing requires a lot of upper body strength so consequentially is also a good way to improve it and get rid of that flab. Between paddling out on your board, paddling after your board and having to push yourself up when you finally do catch a wave, this is one mega (and fun) workout.

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