You’re never too old to play with toys…

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There are some common misconceptions about who is using sex toys, which ones they are using and why.

We approached Sarah Gibson from to get the inside scoop on what Kiwis are doing once Shortland Street is over.

We’re buzzing about it
In 2004, the Durex Sex Survey found that New Zealand is
among the top ten nations for owning a vibrator, with 38% of Kiwis stating either they or their partner owned one. Sarah says the trend hasn’t changed. “Vibes, by far, outsell any other category. Over the last few years the range, functions and feel of your common vibrator has changed so much that it’s hard not to buy one – just out of curiosity.” And which style is leading the pack? According to Sarah, the bunny-eared ‘Rabbit’ vibrator series is the one to beat. Like most things featured on Sex and the City; it has a huge following, with women needing little convincing  to hop on the trend.

Doing it on the cyber highway
Technology has not only helped improve the tools we use to gain sexual satisfaction but it’s made it easier for us to get them, with a number of adult suppliers heading online. “Many still view adult shops as a bit dodgy – online shopping takes away the embarrassment factor that some people experience.” Sarah says “It’s your everyday consumables like condoms and lube that people are regularly buying online too.” Perhaps discreetly slotting your 12-pack in between your toilet paper and apples at the supermarket while running the risk of a price check (stranger things have happened) will soon be a thing of the past?

Young and old
While the 20 – 24-year-olds are leading the way in the sex toy statistics, Sarah says she has met some incredibly active seniors in her travels too. “People in their late 30s are probably the customers we hear the least from, but from the naughty 40s well into the 60s there is a kind of renaissance in users. I think once the kids are out of home, mums and dads start noticing each other again!”

He’s in on it too
Gibson says “Girls buy for girls and boys buy for girls, so
really we girls are winning out big time”.’s customers are roughly 50-50 female to male. “Our most common customers are boys looking to surprise their girlfriends or couples trying to find something new together.” According to Gibson, couples are commonly buying costumes (nurses and cop outfits the most popular), vibrating cock rings and massage oils, while the more adventurous definitely head to’s restraint section.

Beating toy taboos
It seems there is no one type of sex toy user, and that would make sense given there is no one type of person who has sex. Sarah’s final thoughts? “As long as you’re being safe there should be no reason why you can’t start adding some adult intimates into your love life – often it’s not about making bad sex good, but about making good sex even better!’

Note: Competition ends November 1, 2007.

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